Netflix’s “First Kill” Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

2021 has just begun and all the Netflix subscribers are getting one after another treat. The streamer did recently announce a totally new Netflix Original series, “First Kill”. The past year has surely been hard for everyone.

But now that we all are healthy and living our everyday lives, it is time to get back to watch some amazing and exciting shows on Netflix. In order to binge-watch, you need to get details about which show is popular or which TV series you will like to watch.

As you all know, Netflix loves to adapt to movies and TV shows that are based on books. Yes, the streamer will be the first one to add the popular Novel adaptations to its gigantic list. There will be millions of TV shows and movies that you will currently find to stream on Netflix.

Also, the streaming giant keeps on adding amazing and exciting content to offer its immensely wide audience. With an enormous number of subscribers, Netflix is now bringing a brand new Teen-Vampire drama series to the platform.

All the series lovers and subscribers will be happy as well as excited to know it. Netflix did confirm the arrival of the new teen drama series, First Kill. As soon as you are going to read the name of the series, it will be possible for you to imagine various possibilities.

You will surely be wondering if the series will be based on violence or if the show will be about terrorism or assassination. But allow us to stop your wondering imaginative horses.

The First Kill series will be a Teen-Vampire drama series that you all will surely love to stream on Netflix. Along with all other trendy and unique dramas, First Kill is going to try to be one of the most popular drama series.

This short story series will definitely be taking you to the mysterious and fascinating world of vampires. It looks more like this Twilight resurgence will create some room in the heart of the subscribers.

First Kill, as the name suggests will be all about the first kill that the character will have to do. It seems like everything around the world of the character will change with the first kill.

Let the guessing game be aside as we know that there are so many fans and critiques out there. It is sure that there will be a large number of series lovers who are already waiting for the First Kill series to premiere on Netflix.

A huge number of subscribers are currently curious to know about the First Kill series. But you do not have to search for the series anywhere as we got you covered here. In this article, we are going to discuss the Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and many more updates. Here’s everything we know so far about Netflix’s First Kill Season 1.

First Kill – Netflix’s New Teen-Vampire Drama Series 

First Kill is an upcoming Netflix Original Teen-Vampire Drama Television series. V.E. Schwab is the creative writer and series creators of the upcoming Netflix show. You all must know that the First Kill series is the adaptation of a short story by V.E. Shwab that goes by the same name.

Schwab’s short story did manage to publish in Imprint’s Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite. The short story book becomes one of the top-selling with a wide number of readers.

Felicia D. Henderson, as you all know did work in many popular series including Empire, Gossip Girl, and The Punisher. Henderson is the amazing and excellent showrunner of the First Kill series.

So that will directly mean that the show is surely going to be among the top hits. Felicia will also have the opportunity to write as well as serve as an executive producer for the upcoming teen drama series.

There will also be some other talented hands on the table to serve the series. We are currently talking about Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss. They both will work as executive producers for the First Kill series through Belletrist Productions.

One of the best things that you should know about the series is that all the skillful people will be working hard to direct and produce this short story series.

First Kill is indeed going to be one of the most popular and exciting series that you will stream on Netflix. It seems like the streaming giant did foresee the future of the show. So that it greets the new show while adding it to the list of the Netflix Original Shows.

With V.E. Schwab and Emma Roberts on deck, the show will be what you can call a successful and popular show.

As you all know, October 2020 to December 2020 has been the time in which all the supernatural fans get the word about their favorite TV shows coming to Netflix. But the beginning of 2021 will be bringing a lot of things more to the plates.

Within the next couple of months, you all are going to witness some of the most anticipated and exciting shows. Among them, we think that First Kill will be able to mark its place in viewers’ hearts. Let us now move forward to know more about First Kill Season 1.

About Victoria V.E. Schwab 

All the series lovers who do not know about Victoria V.E. Shwab should surely know it. It is sure that all of you will be wondering about who the person is when you will read the name. But you will not have to worry as we are going to help you to figure out who Victoria Schwab is.

Victoria V.E. Schwab is a well-known and famous American fantasy author who has a huge fanbase. Born on 7 July 1987, she is mostly known for her excellent work in Vicious. Most of her novels are for Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults.

There are so many novels that you will find interesting when we are talking about Victoria Schwab. Not only she writes about magical mysteries but also she excels in writing novels about witches, vampires, werewolves, and many more magical beings.

It is sure that if you love to read fictional and mysterious novels then you should add Victoria Schwab to your favorite author list. The story will always be interesting and exciting when we are referring to Schwab.

The same goes for the First Kill series as Schwab did manage to work excellently on the show. Her plotlines are the reason for her enormous fan followings. Also, it happens to be a reason why Netflix did confirm and give a green signal to her work in order to create a Netflix Original series.

Unlike many other authors and writers, she happens to be using her actual name as Victoria Schwab in all of her novels. Netflix always seeks out best-selling and good books so as to get series adaptations.

First Kill is another addition to the ranks in the book adaptations of the streamer. There are so many vampire lovers who have been waiting for quite some time for the upcoming series.

First Kill will be all about an excellent and breathtaking story with some amazing as well as talented actors. The creative team of showrunner and producers will also back the show up with their marvelous works. With Victoria V.E. Schwab’s novel adaptation, it will be possible for the streaming giant to get an increase in eyeballs streaming the First Kill series.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts, as you all may know is a popular and amazing American actress. Some of her fans know how amazing she acts on set while some of her fans know about her awesomeness while singing.

Also. Emma Roberts is more like an actor cum singer who happens to give excellent performance at both. Recently, there is a word spreading around that Emma Roberts will also be seen as an executive producer in the new projects.

The Blow movie was the first-ever film with which begins Emma’s career as an actor. Also, she did happen to feature in some of the most popular movies. Her best performance in movies includes Hotel for Dogs, Scream Queens, Valentine’s Day, and The Art of Getting By, among others. Emma Roberts is from Rhinebeck, New York. She was born on 10 February 1991 which is surely a special date.

As of now, Emma Roberts is reportedly having a beautiful relationship with Garrett Hedlund, an American actor. The duo is surely expecting a child currently and all the fans have been blessing them with love and care. There is an enormous number of fans who are always waiting for any and every kind of update on the actors.

Both the actors are continuing their career with so many new projects waiting in the pipeline for them. While Emma Roberts is going to be the one to work as an executive producer for the First Kill series.

What About The Production Status Of First Kill?

As per our sources and intel, we know that the First Kill series is officially in the development process. But there are no further details that any of the executive producers or showrunners are spilling.

Currently, one thing is sure and that is First Kill gets the official go from Netflix. So there will not be anything that will stop the First Kill series from premiering. That will only be possible after the first season will wrap up its post-production completely.

All the series lovers and fans who have been waiting for the First Kill series to premiere should know it. You all must know that a marking date for First Kill is 5th April 2021. That will mean the filming or shooting for the first and upcoming season of the short story series is more likely to begin in the Spring.

You all must know that there are so many things that the team has to do apart from working hard consistently. That is in order to make an excellent show that has the potential to carve a place in the heart of the viewers. First Kill will be such a show that will gain a gigantic amount of popularity as well as viewership. But to watch First Kill, you all will have to wait for several months as it’s in production.

We are sure that there is a large number of people who are eager to know about the production details. But as there are no official updates out, you will have to wait for a month or two.

Also, all our readers will be the first ones to get each and every latest update about the First Kill series. Just keep scrolling down to get more details about the plot, synopsis, cast, and trailer of First Kill Season 1.

What is the Story Plot of Netflix’s First Kill?

As we did mention earlier, the story of the First Kill series is indeed going to be so interesting. The story of the show revolves around a teenager named Juliette. Unlike other teenagers, Juliette happens to be a vampire teenager who lives in a family of vampires. Yes, it will be like living among other vampires who you will name as family members after quite some time of living together.

It is all about a teenage vampire who has the wish to take her rightful place among her family members. But in order to claim her place among the powerful family members, she will have to make her first kill. As it was mandatory for Juliette to kill someone, she has to choose any person. Or else, the powerful clan of vampires will not consider Juliette as a vampire to be proud of.

Due to her cravings and desires, Juliette happens to have set her eyes on a new girl Calliope. The new girl in the town will not have any awareness that she is going to be an assassination mark for Juliette.

At first, the teen vampire thinks that as she is new in town, she will be an easy target and an easy kill. It may seem like Calliope is a girl with no power at all. But Calliope is much more than what Juliette was judging her.

It was very unfortunate for Juliette to know that the target that she did choose was exactly the one around whom she should not be at all. Calliope happens to be from a family of strong and descendent vampire hunters. Instead of hunting for the prey, Juliette comes into a situation where she is actually the prey.

However, it seems like both of them, Calliope and Juliette will be trying their best to take each other’s life. But they both soon realize that they will not be able to get any success. It is because the more they both are going to know about one another the more they will be interested.

Calliope and Julliette will later realize that the person that they are trying to hunt is actually the person they love. It was not long before they both did realize that they are falling in love with one another.

We are sure that there will be so many things that you all may have already begin wondering. It is sure that there are several thoughts that will be crossing your mind. Most readers will wonder about how a predator and prey can become lovers.

Many troubles will be on the way as Calliope and Julliette will be moving forward on their way to understand love. Undoubtedly, it will be harder for both teens to continue their relationship. Not only their natural instincts are different but also their family members will cause difficulties.

It will be quite a love story to stream on Netflix. Calliope and Julliette will have to struggle their way out of their restricted worlds for the person they really care about. The storyline will have an uncountable series of exciting and thrilling moments. So that all the viewers, as well as subscribers, are going to experience the entertainment that First Kill offers.

A sapphic teen romance will be brewing in the First Kill series between a vampire slayer and a vampire. It will surely be going to be an interesting and exciting journey to know how they both are going to continue loving one another.

Despite their cultural differences, it will be quite remarkable to watch Calliope and Julliette love unconditionally. First Kill will indeed be a must-watch show for all the fictional creature lovers.

Cast Members of First Kill Season 1

As of the current moment, there is no official announcement that unveils the cast members of the First Kill series. But we are surely going to tell you about the talented people who will be working on this show. As per the reports from EW, we know that the cast members are yet to confirm officially.

Also, Victoria V.E. Schwab will be going to work as a series creator, writer, and executive producer for the First Kill series. As Schwab will be the one to steer the ship, all the fans are happy to know that the show will be blowing everything up.

While Felicia D. Henderson will be serving the show as a showrunner. She will also get the credit of being a writer and executive producer for First Kill Season 1.

However, you will find a lot of fans taking more interest in Emma Roberts who will also serve the show as an executive producer. She will be working with her best friend, Karah Priess through the media company, Belletrist Productions.

You all may be familiar with the quote of Having An Eye Towards Celebrating Book Lovers. But it is yet unclear and uncertain, whether Emma Roberts will be starring in the First Kill series or she will only be working as an executive producer. As soon as we will get the updates on the cast members of First Kill, we will let you know here.

First Kill Season 1 Official Trailer

Whether you are interested in watching the magical fantasy on Netflix or if you want to see glimpses of the show before watching it, the official trailer is what you should look forward to. There are so many fans and subscribers who have been curious to know about the official trailer.

But unfortunately, there is no official trailer or any announcement for the same. Netflix did confirm the First Kill series recently which is why you will have to wait for some more time to get a teaser or trailer.

Also, if the trailer of First Kill will be out then it will all over the internet. All you need to know is that we will have discussed it already if there was any little content available on the series.

But as it is in the beginning phase of the production, we all have to do nothing but wait. Still, we can try to get some intel on the whereabouts of First Kill by following the showrunners and series creators on social media platforms.

How Many Episodes Will There Be?

Finally, there is some good news that you are going to love. Netflix did confirm the episode count of the show. There will be a total of eight amazing and exciting episodes that all the series lovers will enjoy watching for the first season of First Kill.

Each and every episode will be 60 minutes long. Therefore it will be enough for all the viewers to get a full package of entertainment for an hour.

It is sure that you will be able to feel the thrill, excitement, and curiousness to watch more. First Kill is indeed going to be a show for which you will not be able to control yourself. That is surely from watching it. As soon as the First Kill series will premiere on Netflix, it is sure that there will be a lot of viewers seeking it out.

As of now, all of our readers know about the release date, trailer, episode count, cast, and story plot for the First Kill series. We know that there are still, a number of things that you are curious to know about.

But you will need to remember one thing and that is we are going to update you about it soon. The only thing that you will have to do is make sure to keep checking our website for the latest updates and details.

We hope that the wait to know the premiere date and more updates about the show will end up soon. Until then, Stay Happy, Stay Safe, and Stay Tuned For More Updates on First Kill Season 1.

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