“Overlord” Season 4 – Premiere Date, Cast, Story Plot, Characters, and Everything We Know So Far

Overlord, one of the most popular and famous Anime series, is soon going to return with its fourth season. After such a long wait of two whole years, most fans and series lovers have been wondering about it.

There is a huge number of viewers who were thinking if Overlord will ever return for Season 4 or not. But now, all the fans and viewers will be happy to know that the anime show will be coming back with its upcoming season.

Most fans of the Anime and Manga series are getting used to the long wait between each season. But as you all know, they are going to worry about the show getting cancellation after waiting for some time period.

So fans will seek out all over the internet to get the latest updates about the production or release date for the upcoming season. But Overlord is going to make each and every viewer worry-free. That is by releasing the next part of the Anime series soon to entertain the audience and fans.

Undoubtedly, it has been a long time since the third season of Overlord did premiere. That is the reason why most people are curious to know about the show. Almost everyone wants to know when they can be able to stream the next part of the series. 2 years is indeed a long wait for all the series lovers.

You all must know that there were so many fans who have been eagerly waiting to watch the next season since they did finish watching the third season of Overlord.

As of now, you will not have to worry about anything at all as you are reading this article. We are sure that all the fans will have the wish to know when they can be able to enjoy watching the thrilling series again.

The popular Netflix show has millions of fans who are residing in every corner of the globe. That is the reason why Overlord is creating such a great hike over the internet. Die-hard fans are hoping for the fourth part of the Anime series to air as soon as possible.

If you are curious to know the release date, cast, story plot, and other latest updates about Overlord Season 4. Then you should make sure to keep reading the article to the end. We are going to share all the essential information and details about the show. So that you can have a look at everything we know so far about Overlord Season 4.

It is sure that you are going to find every latest update about the anime here. Let us now move forward to know more about Overlord Season 4.

When Will Overlord Season 4 Release?

Most fans as well as series lovers have the same question that they are looking for answers for. It is sure that you all have been surely wondering about when you can be able to watch the upcoming season of Overlord.

A wide number of fans have been eager to know about the fourth season. But it seems like they all will have to wait for some more time to know the exact release date. Unfortunately, there is no official release date out yet for Overlord Season 4.

You all should know that the animators are working so hard to keep up with the source material. So that each and everything will go on systematically when it is about the Overlord series.

Most series lovers know that if Madhouse will decide to put much content on the series. Then it is sure that there will not be more content to make the fifth season of Overlord. That is the reason why there were so many amazing animes that did get cancellation in the previous year.

All of us can now expect the Madhouse to wait for a light novel series to release some more volumes. So that the series creators will get some more content to make the next to next season. You must also know that Season 4 of Overlord was to release this year in July 2020. But due to the global pandemic, the show production has to come to a halt.

Fortunately, we have some exciting news that will surely make you all happy. The Overlord series is currently making progress in the production of the upcoming season. So it will not be long before the showrunners are going to reveal the release date for Overlord Season 4.

As of the current moment, the official premiere date is yet to release. But we are sure that within a few months, you all will be waiting for the exact day when the show will air its fourth installment.

The release date for Overlord Season 4 will soon be revealed. Also, you must know that all of you will be the first ones to know the premiere date. So make sure to keep checking our website to get the official release date of the fourth season of Overlord. Until then, you can watch your favorite episodes from the previous seasons and read the latest updates on Overlord Season 4.

Overlord Season 4 Source Material Information 

As you all may know, there are so many original anime series that you will find to stream. But you should know that most of the anime series among them are using existing source material. Most probably, you are going to find that the series is based on a manga series, mobile games, or a light novel.

When we are talking about the source material information then you should know that Overlord uses the Light Novel as its source material. That is the reason why most series lovers are also keeping tabs on the light novel series.

The only thing that you need to check is the number of light novels the series did manage to release so far. So that we can be able to predict exactly the amount of content left for the Overlord series to serve its audience.

When the story in the light novel series ends, then Overlord will also be more likely to wrap up its journey. We need to know if Overlord is at the end of the story or it is in the middle. It will surely be just the same as the Classroom of The Elite.

You need to know that when the ongoing storyline receives more popularity and fame. Then the series is more likely to announce the next part which is what happened with the Classroom of The Elite as it is all set to come up with the second season.

On the other hand, we will have to look at how many light novels the Overlord series did use to create the previous three seasons. So it is sure that there will not be sufficient source material that the series has to release another season.

It was just like what happened with No Game No Life Season 2. But one thing is definitely going to happen and that is the upcoming season of Overlord will be offering extreme fun.

The next part of the Overlord series may probably happen after the light novel series will release a volume or two. As of now, there is no exact release date available for the fourth season of Overlord. So you will have to wait until it happens.

We are going to let you know about the source material information as soon as we will get some new intel. As of now, all the series lovers are hoping that the light novel series will launch a new volume soon this year.

How Many Volumes Are There For Overlord?

All the series lovers, as well as fans, should know that there is a total of 14 volumes. Yes, the light novels of Overlord that are currently releasing in Japan have 14 parts. It would be best if you also kept in mind that Overlord has a manga series that is based on light novels. The manga series of Overlord has around 13 parts that are published for now.

Will There Be Another Volume Of Overlord?

Yes, there will be another volume of Overlord in the light novel series. That is because the light novel series is still in progress. The author of the light novel series, Overlord is Kugane Maruyama. The latest volume of the light novel did release on 12th March 2020. We are talking about the 14th volume of the Overlord light novel.

As of now, you all will be happy to know that the author did confirm that the light novel series will get 17 volumes before ending. So there are still, three volumes left for the fans to read. The author did manage to write 1 volume each in 2017 and 2018. While there was no volume published in 2019. However, the 2020 year did get an exciting volume of the Overlord light novel series.

What Is The Number Of Light Novels That Overlord Covers In The Anime?

If we are going to dive deep into the light novel series and compare the storyline with the anime series. Then we are sure that Overlord did manage to adapt three light novels per season. That will directly mean that Volumes 1 to 9 were adapted by Overlord in its first three seasons. Madhouse’s anime adaptation did use around half of the total volumes.

Overlord is in the middle of the storyline at this current moment. So volume 10 will be the new installment that you all are going to witness in the fourth season. But that will also mean that season 4 will cover up volumes 10 to 13. That is why there will not be the fifth season until the 15th and 16th volume of the light novel series will publish.

Overlord Season 3 Ending Explained

In the previous season, we all have seen that Ainz did create a whole new world. Creating a new world shocks everyone and himself. But then Ainz sets up on a mission to seize up the territories of others living around. Not only he builds up a powerful and large army but also he gathers all the essential weapons to use in the battle.

Ainz is indeed one of the most powerful characters who did manage to discover strange creatures with his ultimate powers. Unknown creatures that Ainz discovers are Giant of the East and Demon Snake of the West.

The creatures are so amazing to watch in the series before Emperor Jircniv gives an offer. Jircniv did suggest that he will help Ainz to invade E-Rantel. It is one of the biggest and powerful territories that can not be invaded easily.

The storyline keeps on becoming more and more interesting as the previous season comes to an end. There is a lot of things that the viewers have to look forward to in the upcoming season of Overlord. The climax of the previous season leads many fans to wonder about what the next part will be bringing on.

Overlord Season 4 Cast & Roles

When we are talking about the characters and cast members of the Overlord series, we must say that the entire cast is amazing. There is a large number of characters that you will be witnessing in the Overlord series.

But you will find it remarkable to know that all the characters are well-expressed. Also, the voice actors did their job perfectly to give their voice to the characters. Here, we did mention some of your favorite characters that you will be witnessing in the upcoming season of Overlord.

Maranello Fiora (Voice – Yuma Uchiyama)

As you all know, Maranello Fiora is not like her sister at all. He lacks confidence and has a little bit of shy nature. He is more likely to keep his feelings and views to himself without opening up to anyone.

Opposite to his nature, Fiora is very aggressive in battle if someone tries to invade his territory. He is the protector of 41 Supreme Beings. It is due to his looks and dressing style, most people will think of him as a girl.

Demiurge (Voice – Masayuki Kato)

Demiurge is a demon who will get joy when he sees anyone in trouble. The demon happens to be the protector of the seventh floor of Nazarick’s Great Tomb. People of Nazarick believes that Demiurge has a soft and kind heart. But it is true that he has the nature of getting pleasure when seeing other people in pain or sadness.

Shalltear Bloodfallen (Voice – Sumire Uesaka)

Shalltear Bloodfallen is always fantasizing about Ainz who happens to be her boss. She has to follow each and every order of Ainz. Shalltear has an extremely flirtatious nature. Also, she is famous for her manipulative personality in the Overlord series. Sometimes, she can not control her emotions and that will surely put Ainz in awkward situations. She loves to become everyone’s attention and she can go to any limit to get it.

What Is The Story Plot Of Overlord Season 4?

For all our reader who does not know it, the entire series is about a game that goes by the name YGGDRASIL. It is an online multiplayer game that did shut down after its 12 amazing years of journey. One of the most dominant characters in the series is Ainz Ooal Gown. He always stands strong with 41 members as an untouchable guild. Overlord follows a story based on the light novel series.

There are so many interesting and amazing characters with such an exciting and thrilling storyline in the Overlord series. You can expect the Great Tomb and Capital Einzer to be an important part of the upcoming season.

Also, you must know that the fourth season is currently in the production process. So there has not been much revealed about the story plot of the fourth season. It seems like you all will have to wait for some more time to get all the updates on the upcoming season.

In the meanwhile, all the fans can expect Frost Dragon from the previous season to lose the upcoming one. It is sure that Albeddo did confess her feelings for her master. The fourth season of Overlord will bring a more powerful version of Ainz.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 1

Well, all of you must be wondering about what the fourth season of Overlord is all about. But we are sure that you all will be happy to get a little bit of an idea of what the first episode of Overlord will be serving. It is sure that the first episode of the upcoming season will continue from where it left in the previous season.

Not only the viewers will witness the true form of power of Ainz but also you will get a better idea of the capabilities and strengths of the character. He will be fighting through many battles to govern the sorcerer kingdom. Ainz will make sure that he will guard the kingdom well in order to create a stronger empire.

After Ainz did kill Gazef Stronoff, he did realize that he is more powerful than he thinks. So one thing is sure and that is you are going to watch Ainz’s powerful and raging personality in the upcoming season of Overlord.

Is There Any Trailer For Overlord Season 4?

As of the current moment, it seems like the official trailer for the next part of the series is yet to release. The series creators are only going to let the fans and series lovers get glimpses of the upcoming season when the premiere date will be closer.

When the official trailer or teaser for the upcoming season will be out, we are going to update you all about it. Until then, watch your favorite episodes from previous seasons of Overlord.

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