Naruto: Every Konoha Hokage, Ranked by Intelligence

Those who inherit the title Hokage in the anime from NarutoThey are often blessed with incredible power and ability. In addition to being recognized as the strongest shinobi in the Hidden Blade, his strength acts as a deterrent to war and offers villagers safety and freedom from the harshest conditions of living in a ninja world.

Although strength is only one of the many traits required to successfully lead the village, the hokage must be smart and do everything possible to protect everyone. With the help of trusted advisers, the Konoha leader must use his mind to avoid war and ensure peace.

Taking into account the above, The Truth News ranks you to the seven confirmed Hokages in the Masashi Kishimoto series. The list ranks them from least to smartest and takes into account their actions in the anime.

What do you consider to be the best Hokage?

7 –Hiruzen Sarutobi: Tercer Hokage

Hailed as a shinobi god, Hiruzen Sarutobi suffered from a lack of character development. Naruto fans never experienced an excellent Hiruzen. Instead, he was portrayed as an elderly, but still powerful Hokage, who resumed leadership after the death of the Fourth Hokage.

Hiruzen was undoubtedly a genius, mastering the five elements of nature and stopping Orochimaru. But, his time as a Hokage was riddled with mistakes and misplaced confidence. He allowed Danzo to glide backstage and he lacked the foresight to predict Orochimaru’s turn against the village.

6 – Hashirama Senju: Primary Hokage

The first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, he was a man of good faith. His power was almost unmatched, defeating Madara Uchiha over and over again despite the latter possessing the Sharingan and the Nine Tails. Hashirama was built differently and possessed Kekkei Genkai wood style that was unique to him.

However, Hashirama is not portrayed as the smartest shinobi. His dream of peace often blinded his decision making. Arguably his biggest mistake was assuming Madara was dead, allow the villain to escape and plan to take over the world.

5 – Naruto Uzumaki: Seventh Hokage

It is fair to say that Naruto uzuamaki He’s come a long way since he was first introduced to fans as the Knucklehead Ninja who lacked impulse control. At first, Naruto lacked the genius of ninjas like Sasuke and Kakashi.

His decision making was hasty and troublesome, often causing more problems. But its development was amazing and demonstrated his gift for improvisation during the battles with Neji and Pain. He may lack Shikamaru’s raw intelligence, but he has proven his impressive brainpower time and time again.

4 –Tsunade Senju: Quinto Hokage

By inheriting the role of Hokage during difficult times, the leadership of Tsunade Senju it was required over and over again, and she often complied. Although she lacked the sheer power of other Hokage, Tsunade’s strength lay in the unshakable faith she had in her fellow shinobi.

She recognized Shikamaru’s talents early on and demanded more of him. Furthermore, Tsunade always knew that Naruto was special and put the safety of the village in his hands. Without a doubt, his genius is most prominent when talking about medical ninjutsu, an area in which Tsunade is practically unmatched.

3 – Tobirama Senju: Segundo Hokage

After Hashirama’s death, Tobirama Senju He inherited the title from his brother and his dream: he decided to find peace through alternative methods. Tobirama was without a doubt a genius, creating many Jutsu, including Edo Tensei and Flying Thunder God Technique.

He worked tirelessly for political stability, largely achieving great success as Konoha continued to prosper after his death. His biggest mistake was marginalization of the Uchiha Clan, which turned them into the Konoha Police Force to monitor their movements.

2 –Kakashi Hatake: Sexto Hokage

The genius of Kakashi hatake it is front and center whenever it is in action. He mastered the Sharingan despite not being an Uchiha, graduated from the academy at age 5 and copied thousands of jutsu. His name is universally recognized and causes fear / excitement among rival shinobi.

Kakashi’s strategic brilliance enables him to triumph against the strongest of opponents; his decision making and analysis are always impeccable. The Sharingan Master raised three of the greatest ninjas in Konoha history, and his time as a Hokage is associated with peace. No doubt due to Kakashi’s skill and intelligence.

1 –Minato Namikaze: Cuarto Hokage

Minato Namikaze he was one of the characters in the shonen series who dominated everything he tried. He obtained the highest scores in the history of the Konoha academy and became a Hokage at the age of 21. He was selected ahead of the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru.

He perfected the Flying Thunder God technique, helping him during the Third Ninja War. In fact, his ability was so overwhelming that the enemy ninja was ordered to flee upon seeing him. He showed inhuman foresight to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox inside Naruto, knowing that his son would one day tame and befriend Kurama.

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