The creator of The Curse of Hill House will direct an adaptation of The Season of Passage, a horror story set on Mars

The creator of The curse of Hill House, Mike Flanagan, will be in charge of direct an adaptation of Christopher Pike’s The Season of Passage. Or in other words, the adaptation of a science fiction horror novel set on Mars.

According to Deadline, Flanagan will not only direct the film but will also produce it alongside his Intrepid Pictures partner, Trevor Macy, as well as Universal Pictures. The latter, after the studio, acquired the premiere of the feature film through a “competitive situation”. Meanwhile, Christopher Pike will join Melinda Nishioka to produce the adaptation of her 1992 novel, which tells the story of a manned expedition to Mars.

Also, Flanagan is co-writing the script with his brother James Flanagan, although plot details are kept secret for now. The novel itself centers on Dr. Lauren Wagner, an astronaut and medical officer who became a world celebrity following her participation in the second manned mission to the Red Planet after all contact with the first mission was lost.

The Season of Passage Cover

According the official synopsis of The Season of Passage, “everyone admired and respected” to Lauren after her space adventure, But Lauren knew fear. Inside, voices begging her to love them. Outside, the mystery of the missing group that had gone before her. The dead group. But were they just dead? Or is there something else? “.

Shortly after the project was announced, Flanagan addressed Twitter to share your enthusiasm for adaptation. “This project has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager.”, wrote. “I am very excited to collaborate with my brother James and my partner at Intrepid Pictures on this epic horror film, in space, for Universal Pictures.”.

“I see you brought the fire…” This project has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. I’m so excited to be collaborating with my brother James, and my partner in crime @IntrepidPix on this epic horror movie – in space – for @UniversalPics.

— Mike Flanagan (@flanaganfilm) April 14, 2021

On the other hand, The Season of Passage is not the only Christopher Pike novel that Flanagan is adapting, as He is currently also working on The Midnight Club for Netflix. The series takes place in Rotterdam Home, a hospice run by an enigmatic doctor, where a group of terminally ill patients meets regularly at midnight. to exchange scary stories with each other.

Before that, Flanagan brought terror to Netflix with The Curse of Bly Manor, an anthology series of sequels to The Curse of Hill House (2018). He also headlined the sequel to The Shining (Stephen King), Doctor Sleep.

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