Boy Meets World : Maitland Ward Summons Finale!!

Almost 20 years ago, the Disney star Maitland Ward, now the porn queen, did appear in the last episode of “Boy Meets World“. She recalls the season finale of the ABC-Disney Channel sitcom series.

Since that time, Maitland is progressing in her new career that leads the way for her to meet boys and some girls as well. Her co-stars and castmates may have never the imagination of Maitland going over such career goals in her life.

Maitland Recalls “Boy Meets World”!!

Maitland Ward did beautifully play the character of Rachel McGuire who happens to be the love of Jack Hunter. The season ends up with Jack AKA Matthew Lawrence and Rachel (Maitland) joining the Peace Corps together. On Tuesday, she did recall the memories of the Disney sitcom show “Boy Meets World” and did a post on Instagram. There were many wholesome messages for the fans and supporters to know about the 20th anniversary of the show.

Ward quotes, “So many amazing memories I had the honor of experiencing with all of my incredible co-stars. HUGE THANK YOU to all of my amazing BMW fans out there!”

Her fans keep increasing in numbers, of course, now with different interests. Maitland Ward’s first full-length skin flick did premiere last year namely “Drive”. The movie starring Ward did earn her two AVN (Adult Video News) Awards. Among them, one was for the best three-way sex scene.

Maitland’s Instagram feeds have all the details with several snaps that reveal her new career. She is proudly mentioning that her second career is seriously treating her with great fortune. It is more than she did earn in the Disney Channel’s show as she is now able to provide fans what they want.

Ward did begin selling her nude pics and adult content with the help of OnlyFans and Patreon. She was successful in 2018 to become Patreon’s No. 1 Adult Content Creator. On OnlyFans, Maitland’s best month crosses a cool $62000. So she is enjoying choosing her second career and focusing currently on it happily.

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