“Money Heist” or “La Casa de Papel” Season 5 – Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, and What To Expect

One of the best thrilling and exciting series, Money Heist is all set to return for its fifth installments. Yes, all the fans will be happy as well as excited to know that their favorite series will be back to stream on Netflix.

Money Heist or La Casa de Papel will be returning with its last and final season soon. Almost all the fans and viewers will be hoping for the series to premiere soon.

As you all know, Money Heist did manage to complete 4 amazing and entertaining seasons. All the previous seasons of the series are so much fun to stream on Netflix. There is a huge number of fans as well as series lovers residing in almost every corner of the world.

We can assure you that all the fans are so loving and caring. You can have a look at how much viewers love the series from social media platforms. Millions of fans have been posting how happy they are to watch such thrilling seasons of Money Heist.

It is sure that all the series lovers will have the wish to know every essential detail about the next part. Most fans are curious to know when they are going to get to watch the upcoming season of Money Heist.

Although there are so many fans who are sad to know about the final season, they all want it to release soon. If you want to know everything about the next season of Money Heist. Then you are indeed in the right place searching.

In this article, we are going to inform you about everything we know so far. We will be providing you essential information about the Netflix release date, cast, story plot, and many more updates on Money Heist Season 5. Let us now move forward.

About Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist, as you all know is one of the most popular and well-known series that most people love to stream on Netflix. The series currently holds the record of Most-Watched Non-English Title. Money Heist or La Casa de Papel is a Spanish heist crime-drama television series.

Alex Pina is the series creator who did manage to create such an amazing, thrilling, and exciting series. The Money Heist series happens to have such a humongous fanbase and viewership from all over the world. That will mean the series is immensely popular in every region of the globe.

Netflix’s one of the most popular and thrilling series, Money Heist is surely a must-watch for every series lover out there. You all indeed have heard the name of the series as it is very famous among Netflix subscribers. All the fans will be happy to know that the fourth part of the series did manage to rack up over 65 million views.

Well, all of you should keep in mind that the series is immensely popular. La Casa de Papel or Money Heist has fans all over the world. But almost each and every one of them will be hoping for the series to release its upcoming season soon. As soon as there will be any update for the fifth season of Money Heist, we will inform you.

As you all know, the show is a massive success. It is among the most popular Non-English TV shows on OTT platforms. All of you will be joyful to know that the show is currently continuing its production. It was in August 2020, fans were circulating pictures and videos of actors being back on the filming set. Ursula Corbero was the one to let all the fans know that the filming begins.

Did Netflix Renew Money Heist For Season 5?

After a long wait, the streaming giant did manage to confirm in August 2020. Yes, it is about the next season of Money Heist will be on its way to premiere on Netflix. It is sure that most of the fans and viewers were happy.

But they were also sad to know that the Money Heist series comes to an end. That will mean the fifth season of Money Heist will be the last and final season. Netflix did confirm that the upcoming season of La Casa de Papel will be the end.

The final installment of the Spanish crime drama heist series will come to an end. But Netflix confirms the renewal of the Money Heist series. In a recent post on Netflix’s “See What’s Next”, Alex Pina did reveal it.

Alex Pina speaks about the renewal of the series saying, “We’ve spent almost a year thinking about how to break up the band. How to put the Professor on the ropes. How to get into situations that are irreversible for many characters. The result is the fifth part of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season.”

There were so many fans who keep looking for Alex Pina and his team of writers updating them. The team did manage to keep saying again and again that they have plans for Season 5.

But it was not until August 2020 when Netflix officially renews the Money Heist series. Alex Rodrigo, one of the main directors of the Money Heist series did unveil his plans. He says that he does wish to close the series in style just as the fans imagine and hope. Everyone hopes well for the Money Heist series Season 5.

Money Heist Season 5 Production Updates

Earlier, Alex Pina did confirm that he is still, writing the script for the fifth season of Money Heist in July 2020. But what makes all the fans cheerful is the glamorous picture of the showrunner. In the picture, you all can have a look at his amazing dog sitting next to him in the back garden office. Alex Pina did tag alongside his picture that reads “Writing La Casa de Papel 5.”

Later on, in July 2020, we did get the word that Vancouver Media is updating about the series. The media did post pictures over its Instagram handle saying that the production for the fifth season did begin. Pedro Alonso also did post a picture suggesting to all the fans that he will be returning soon.

While Alaro Marto did a post on 21st July 2020 that The Professor is Back. Yes, it was official that the production for the Money Heist series did begin in August 2020. There were so many on-set pictures that were rolling over the social media platforms. From the pictures, all of you will figure out that Berlin will return in season 5.

Also, Ursula Corbero who happens to be one of the leading cast members did post it. She takes it to her Instagram account to inform the viewers that she is on her first day to begin filming.

In Mid-September 2020, The Professor did post a snap with one of his costumes soaking in blood. There are so many theories that fans did manage to create after looking at the snaps. Most fans guess that The Professor may die in the next season of Money Heist.

On 10th September, Itziar Ituno did manage to post on her Instagram handle. She informs her followers, “Lisbon is Back” on set for filming.

How Many Episodes Will Money Heist Season 5 Have?

Now that most of the fans have a look at the production updates, they will be curious to know more. There were no new photos or snaps that the cast members did post on Instagram.

After November 2020, we all believe that the show is continuing its filming for the fifth and final season. As of today, there is a huge number of fans who are curious to know about the episode total. Most fans have the wish to know how many episodes there are in the next season of Money Heist.

The FormulaTV did manage to confirm that the upcoming season of the Money Heist series will have 2 more episodes than the previous season. So that will mean the fifth and last season will have a total of 10 entertaining episodes.

Each and every episode will bring a new thrill as well as excitement. Also, the next season will be going to be the end of the Money Heist series. That is why the upcoming part will be more interesting and exciting than ever before. All the viewers are going to enjoy the thrilling moments that are going to come in Season 5.

Until the next part of the series will premiere, you can watch the documentary. The documentary that you should watch goes by the name Money Heist: The Phenomenon. This amazing and exciting documentary did air on 3rd April 2020.

You must know that the documentary will be all about the meteoric rise of Money Heist. There are some guest characters along with the original cast and crew members.

It is sure that the fifth season of the La Casa de Papel series will be bringing a lot of excitement. There will not be a single moment where viewers will get bored in Season 5.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

As you all now know, the Money Heist series is currently going through its production and filming phase. There are so many things that the series have to go through before it will premiere. Unfortunately, it seems more like the series will not be returning on Netflix before Summer 2021.

Yes, Netflix did not confirm the official release date for the next season of Money Heist yet. But we are sure that the upcoming season did get the renewal, thanks to Netflix. The last and final season of Money Heist will surely be returning to Netflix at some point in 2021.

No recent update confirms the predicted or official premiere date. But we are going to tell you about our best guess of when Money Heist Season 5 will be premiering.

Well, there happen to be nine months of a gap if we look at the premiere dates of Season 3 and 4. That is the reason why most fans are expecting that the fifth season of Money Heist to not air anytime sooner.

Because the streaming giant, Netflix did suspend all the projects due to the global pandemic. So that is what you can consider as a factor in the schedule delay for the upcoming season.

There is a large number of rumors and fan-made theories about the premiere dates of Money Heist Season 5. But the most believable rumor or predicted guess is that the upcoming season may release in April 2021.

Also, Netflix did recently confirm that the Money Heist series is going to be a popular part of Netflix’s Broad 2021 Lineup. We are sure that all the fans and series lovers will be waiting for the 2021 year to begin soon. Because the series will premier its final part in mid or late 2021.

Who Will Be Returning In Money Heist Season 5?

Most fans and viewers believe that one of the main reasons for the Money Heist series being one of the most popular shows on Netflix is the talented star cast. Yes, all the cast members of the Money Heist series are so amazing and talented.

They are showcasing their outstanding acting skills in order to give excellent performance. There are so many critiques and series lovers who have been waiting for their favorite actors.

Almost all the fans are hoping that their favorite character or actor will be returning in the next part. It is sure that the main leading cast members of Money Heist will be back to entertain the audience once again in the upcoming season.

Almost all the characters of Season 4 will appear in the fifth and final season. But it is sure that you all will be wondering whether Nairobi will be returning or not.

As all the series viewers did witness, one of the crucial gang members, Nairobi did die in Season 4. But that will surely not mean that all of you will not see Alba Flores in the upcoming season.

Just like Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo did appear after they leave the gang, it will be possible for the fans to witness Nairobi. The future of Nairobi will be still waiting to excite and entertain you in the next part of the Money Heist series.

The last and final season of Money Heist will be including The Professor along with his amazing team. Yes, all of you will witness Alvaro Morte playing the main character role of The Professor.

Apart from him, you will witness Ursula Corbero as Tokyo, Itziar Ituno as Lisbon, and Miguel Harran as Rio. But you will also see Jaime Lorente as Denver and Esther Acebo as Stockholm.

New Cast Members For The Final Season

It is indeed an exciting piece of news for all the interested fans and series lovers. There will be two new amazing and talented actors that you all are going to witness in the final part of the Money Heist series.

Recently, Netflix did announce the renewal of the series. But along with it, there was an announcement of two new cast members in August 2020. Yes, there will be some new faces that are going to join the famous gang of Money Heist.

First of all, you all will know the leading character in the popular series, Sense 8. Miguel Angel Silvestre did play the character role of Lito Rodriguez in the Sense 8 series. He is going to be a part of the Money Heist team.

No one did know about Miguel going to join the upcoming season of Money Heist until he takes it to Instagram. He informs on Instagram, “Mamaaaa! How lucky I am? Maximo of joy!”

Secondly, the next part of the Money Heist series will include Patrick Criado. It is sure that you all will be knowing Patrick Criado from his excellent work in The Aspirant, Plastic Sea, and The King. He is indeed an amazing and joyful actor who will soon join the cast members of Money Heist.

Recently, FormulaTV confirms another new actor joining the Money Heist series cast. It is Jose Manuel Seda who happens to be a writer, director, and actor. He is famous for his amazing work in Yo Soy Bea and Transito.

On a Tweet, Jose Manuel Seda said, “Happy to share the wonderful gift I received on my birthday: my participation in the final season of @LaCasaDePapelTV one of those series that when you see them, you dream of being in it. Thanks to @VancouverMed and @NetflixES”.

What To Expect From Money Heist Season 5?

Season 4 was indeed a full package of thrill, entertainment, and excitement. In the previous season, you all did witness that the heist was still up and running. Also, the gang adds Lisbon as a part of the team to join them in the heist of the Bank of Spain.

One of the biggest and shocking challenges that the team will now have to face is The El Professor who gets caught. The fourth season of Money Heist ends with a huge cliffhanger. In the final episode, you will see a gun pointing at The Professor before everything goes blank.

There are so many fan-made theories on Alicia who happens to be going rogue. As the gang is now back in the bank, they will now have to think out their way to escape from there. They have a plan to melt down the gold into small ball-shaped pieces for easy extraction. Also, Berlin is all set to appear in the next part of the Money Heist series.

The fifth and final part of Money Heist will be all about how the team will be going to escape from the bank. The mystery will unveil in the next part how they are going to extract the small balls of gold. Most viewers are wondering if the team will be successful in escaping or not.

There are some viewers who are curious to know about what will happen to The Professor. It is sure that there are going to be so many twists and turns in the next part of Money Heist.

Of course, you all have been wondering whether Nairobi will be returning to Money Heist Season 5 or not. Almost every viewer is hoping for the upcoming and final part of Money Heist to premiere as soon as possible.

Will Nairobi Return For Money Heist Season 5?

One of the most common questions that most people have after watching the previous season of Money Heist is whether Nairobi will return in the next part of the series or not. As we all know now, Nairobi died in the previous season leaving all the viewers shocked and sad. Nairobi is among the most popular and well-known characters that most viewers love to watch in the Money Heist series.

There are so many fans who are not sure if they are going to watch her favorite character once again in the last season of Money Heist. You all must know that Nairobi did meet its demise in the series.

But all the fans are happy as well as excited to know that Nairobi is among the characters who are on the list to appear in Money Heist Season 5. That will surely mean that the series lovers are going to watch Nairobi in Season 5.

Despite her death, there will be an important part that Nairobi will play in the next season. It is sure that we all will be seeing more of Nairobi or Alba Flores who will be playing the character role. It will just be like some of the other characters who also did leave the series midway.

Nairobi may appear either in the series flashbacks or just some repeated scenes from previous seasons. But still, all the fans and lovers are going to be happy to watch Nairobi in the fifth and final season of Money Heist.

Is There Any Official Trailer?

No, there is no official teaser or trailer that has been released for the fifth and final part of the Money Heist series. But we are going to let you know as soon as the official trailer for Money Heist Season 5 will premiere.

The series is yet to finish the filming and production for the next part. So it will be essential for all the fans to wait for some more months to get an official trailer or teaser.

No matter when the next season of Money Heist will premiere on Netflix. We are sure that Season 5 will bring tons of excitement, thrill, happiness, and of course, lots of entertainment.

Are you happy and excited to watch Money Heist Season 5 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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