Immortals Fenyx Rising: Ubisoft explains the challenge of developing it for Switch

Nintendo Switch is playing a key and extraordinary role in the present generation (even being a hinge), because in addition to exclusive brilliants, there are also adaptations of existing games … and the most serious thing: the triple AAA are also adapted to the machine, offering a version more than dignified and that requires important work. On Ubisoft have discussed the issue with Immortals: Fenix Rising, one of his great games, which also came to Switch. This is what he said Julien Galloudec, co-director of the company:

“It was always our intention to launch the game on various platforms, including Switch and both the current and the next generation. It was a way to get out of our comfort zone, because we are already used to programming for the machines of the last years. And in In the case of Switch, the challenge has been absolute, “he explained, as echoed in Comicbook.

“The key was to divide the game into pieces and see, depending on the moment, what we could optimize, what we could change, what could be – for example – less dynamic without changing the experience,” said Gallaudet. “For us, it was focusing on the platform not mattering and making sure that we offered the same experience, but adapted to the possibilities of each machine. It has been a challenge, but we are very happy with the result on all platforms, offering the best of every one of them.”

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