My Hero Academia: announced the voice actors of the first owner of the One For All and Mirko

The debut of the fifth season of My Hero Academia has brought the work of Horikoshi back to the spotlight, back with a first episode that is essentially filler but which immediately showed a good quality in the animations and in the rendering of the fights. On the occasion of the return of Deku and his companions, two new voice actors have also been announced.

We are talking about Soichiro Hoshi e Sayaka Kinoshita, who will give the voice respectively to the first owner of the Quirk One For All, and to the Pro Hero Rumi Usagiyama, known as Mirko and currently number 5 in the ranking of the best heroes. The news arrived just today, through the official accounts of the series that shared this information on social networks.

As many of you will remember Mirko she had already appeared in some episodes of the fourth season, but this further confirmation has anticipated the possibility of seeing her in the course of the next episodes. The question linked to the first owner of the One For All remains particularly interesting, considering above all the words spoken by him directly to the protagonist Midoriya in the second episode aired recently. The main objective of the younger brother of All For One was to pass down from generation to generation a power so strong that it could determine the victory of good over evil, thus placing itself in total contrast with the leader of the Union of Villains.

Recall that Akakioga has dedicated a female cosplay to Deku, and we leave you to our review of the episode 5×02 of My Hero Academia.

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