Mine Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More Updates

The Korean drama series “Mine” follows the lives of two independent and driven female protagonists. Former actress Seo Hi-soo is the second daughter-in-law of the family that owns the Hyowon Group, after Jung Seo-hyun. The mystery show, developed by Baek Mi-kyoung and Lee Na-Jeong, debuted in May of 2021 on TVN and Netflix.

The soapy tone of the thriller drama comes from the melodrama that permeates it. The tale is engaging and manages to pull viewers in despite its somewhat convoluted nature. Reviewers were likewise enthusiastic about the actors’ performances. The show’s first season is winding down, and viewers want to know whether there will be a second. What we have gathered is presented here.

Mine Season 2 Release Date

Mine season 1 premiered on May 8, 2021, and its final episode aired on June 27, 2021; it was written by Baek Mi-Kyung and directed by Lee Na-jung. The show aired on TVN on Saturdays and Sundays and is now available on Netflix internationally. There are 16 episodes in total, and the show is 70 minutes long. Season one of Mine was well-received by viewers. There was a 7.8 average rating for the show over at IMDB.

Regarding season 2, the production crew has been silent about what to expect from the next episode. Since season one was just recently made available, many are eager to learn when season two will premiere. It’s unclear at this time if the drama will resume or if it will end for good. According to our information, season 2 of Mine will premiere in late 2023 if the producers give the go-ahead.

Mine Storyline

Seo Hi-soo, a former Hollywood starlet who married into South Korea’s wealthiest family, is at the center of this drama. The corporation is owned by Jung Seo-hyun, the first Hyowon family bride. After tying the knot, the couple fights and tries to go their own ways. Lee Jin-seok and Shin Ye-Ji served as producers.

Mine Cast and characters

  • Lee Bo-young as Seo Hi-soo, former top actress and Hyowon Group’s second daughter-in-law
  • Kim Seo-hyung as Jung Seo-hyun, Hyowon Group’s first daughter-in-law and director of Seohyun Gallery
  • Cho Hye-won as young Jung Seo-hyun
  • Ok Ja-yeon as Kang Ja-kyung, Han Ha-joon’s tutor
  • Lee Hyun-wook as Han Ji-yong, the second son of the Hyowon family and Seo Hi-soo’s husband
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as Han Jin-ho, eldest son of the Hyowon family and Jung Seo-hyun’s husband
  • Cha Hak-yeon as Han Soo-hyuk, Han Jin-ho’s son from his first marriage and Jung Seo-hyun’s stepson
  • Jung Hyeon-jun as Han Ha-joon, Han Ji-yong’s son from a previous relationship and Seo Hi-soo’s stepson
  • Park Won-sook as Yang Soon-hye, mother-in-law of Jung Seo-hyun and Seo Hi-soo
  • Jung Dong-hwan as Chairman Han Suk-chul, father-in-law of Jung Seo-hyun and Seo Hi-soo
  • Kim Hye-hwa as Han Jin-hee, the only daughter of the Hyowon family
  • Jo Eun-sol as Park Jung-do, Han Jin-hee’s husband
  • Jung Yi-seo as Kim Yu-yeon, an orphan who used to be a teacher at the Ilsin Foundation and the new housemaid at Cadenza
  • Park Sung-yeon as Butler Joo, is responsible for management and housekeeping at Hyowon Mansion
  • Lee Joong-ok as Kim Seong-tae, the only male staff member at Hyowon Mansion
  • Jo Yoon-seo as Oh Soo-young, Seo Hi-soo’s personal assistant
  • Yoon Seon-ah as Hwang Gyeong-hye, a housemaid
  • Kim Nam-jin as Ko Mi-jin, a housemaid
  • Ye Soo-jung as Mother Emma/Seol-hwa, founder of Ilsin Foundation, who acts as therapist for members of the Hyowon family
  • Kim Jung-hwa as Suzy Choi, a painter and Jung Seo-hyun’s first love
  • Choi Soo-im as Kim Mi-ja, Chairman Han’s dead mistress and Han Ji-yong’s biological mother
  • Song Seon-mi as Seo Jin-kyeong, mistress of Yang Soon-hye’s older brother and director of Hawon Gallery
  • Jang Ha-eun as Roh A-rim, eldest granddaughter of the Yeongwon Group and Han Soo-hyuk’s intended fiancée
  • Kim Woo-dam as Secretary Seo, Jung Seo-hyun’s secretary
  • Lee Ho-suk as Secretary Jo, Han Ji-yong’s secretary
  • Ma Jung-pil as Secretary Cha
  • Park Sang-yong as member of the Legal Team
  • Kim Soo-hyun as member of the PR Team
  • Choi Young-joon as Baek Dong-hun, a detective
  • Ahn Ji-hye as deputy director of Seohyun Gallery

Mine Season 2 Plot

All of the loose ends from the first season’s storylines are neatly tied together by the finale, and we get a peek at the world following Ji-yong’s death. It turns out that Joo murdered Ji-yong in order to keep Hi-soo safe. Kim Yu-yeon becomes an integral part of the family unit six months after the initial occurrence. Ha-joon is still being tutored by Lee Hye-jin, and Hi-soo has given her acting career a new lease on life.

Both ladies become permanent fixtures in Ha-joon’s life, and their relationship flourishes as a result. In this new chapter, Seo-hyun is presumably reuniting with her high school sweetheart, Suzy Choi. A second season, if it happens, may expand on the story of yet another family. Similarly, it would presumably focus on women who are able to redefine themselves and reach their full potential.

Mine Season 2  Trailer

No promotional material for Season 2 has been shown as of yet. You can, however, start watching the drama on Netflix by viewing the trailer for Season 1.


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