The World of the Married Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

When it comes to cable television, “The World of the Married” has the best ratings of any Korean drama ever. The show’s script, directing, and performances were universally praised upon its premiere. The novel is realistic, interesting, and boundary-pushing since it deals with topics including adultery, workplace racism, life after divorce, and social and gender inequity.

Since these are subjects that are rarely broached in an open conversation in Korean society, the drama was a breakthrough for Korean fiction. After such a successful first season, viewers are curious as to whether or not The World of the Married will return for a second season. What we have learned thus far is as follows:

The World of the Married Season 2 Renewal Status

The series finale of The World of the Married may have already been written. The key characters ultimately did what was best for themselves, and the season one finale was riveting as a result.

Fans of the Korean drama The World of the Married are holding out hope for a second season despite the fact that the first has seemingly concluded. However, no official news or statement regarding a second season of The World of the Married has been made after more than a year since the K-drama’s season-ending.

The World of the Married Season 2 Release Date

So, Season 2 of The World of Married finds itself in a bit of a muddle. More than a year has passed since the first season’s release in March 2020. But until recently, there wasn’t any official word on when the second season would premiere. The story may have seemed resolved, therefore the producers decided not to order a second season. There are, however, cliffhangers that hint at the upcoming season two. There won’t be any more seasons, probably ever. The likelihood of a second season is slim.

The fact that there is nothing new to learn about the show’s protagonists and antagonists in the meantime is just one of them. Kim Hae-ae and Park Hae-Joon made an official farewell and thank you video. It will be interesting to see if the creators plan to air Season 2. When fresh details become available, we will post them here.

The World of the Married Storyline

The lives of married people are the center of attention in the Married universe. Ji Sun Woo, the protagonist, is a woman who has found true love with her husband, Lee Tae Oh. The revelation that her husband is having an affair is devastating to her. They also raised a son as a couple. Because Da Kyung, Ji Sun Woo’s girlfriend, becomes pregnant, he and Lee Tae Oh divorce. After his divorce from Lee Tae Oh, Ji Sun Woo marries Da Kyung.

They begin a new life together, but Da Kyun soon discovers that Lee Tae Oh is still deeply attached to his ex-wife. The plot is about life’s hard realities, as well as treachery, deceit, and forgiveness. The World of the Married is an entertaining show that you should check out if you haven’t already. All of the actors have done a great job, and the plot of the program is quite interesting.

The World of the Married Cast and Characters

  • Kim Hee-ae as Ji Seon-u
  • Park Hae-joon as Lee Tae-oh
  • Han So-hee as Yeo Da-kyung
  • Park Sun-young as Go Ye-rim
  • Kim Young-min as Son Je-hyuk
  • Chae Gook-hee as Seol Myung-suk
  • Lee Geung-young as Yeo Byung-gyu
  • Kim Sun-kyung as Uhm Hyo-jung
  • Jeon Jin-seo as Lee Jun-yeong
  • Shim Eun-woo as Min Hyun-seo
  • Jung Jae-soon as Bae Jung-shim
  • Lee Hak-joo as Park In-Gyu
  • Lee Moo-saeng as Kim Yoon-gi
  • Seo Yi-sook as Chairman Choi’s wife

The World of the Married Season 2 Trailer

A premiere date for Season 2 of The World of the Married has not been set. So obviously there isn’t even a proper trailer out yet. While we wait for a final decision, you can judge the first season by its trailer. Bing has been using the Viu app to view all of Season 1.

The World of the Married Season 1 Review

The JTBC show has been one of the best Korean dramas in years; it is based on the BBC television series Doctor Foster (mostly the first season), and it features sharply acerbic dialogue, melancholy story twists, and some beautifully believable performances. Fans of intense breakup stories and intricate revenge sagas should not miss this. Those hoping for a humorous story will be sorely disappointed.

The first six episodes of The World of the Married form a self-contained and amazingly fascinating revenge narrative that could be seen on its own by viewers unwilling to spend up to 21 hours on a show populated with unhappy and immoral characters.

Kim Hee-ae is superb as the vengeful woman who has been through hell and back, expertly navigating the emotional minefield between sensitivity and unbridled resentment. Park Hae-joon’s portrayal of the miserable, unfaithful spouse who relies on women to provide for him begins as a caricature but, almost startlingly, evolves into a truly troublesome personality who serves as the show’s anchor in the final episode.


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