‘La casa de las flores’ returns to Netflix: Manolo Caro announces a film that continues the De la Mora family saga

A year after its third and final season, La Mora’s family prepares its return to Netflix. Manolo Caro has announced that he is preparing the film of ‘The house of flowers’, the recreational Mexican soap opera.

It has been through your Twitter where he scriptwriter and director has given the good news for fans of the series. Of course, at the moment we do not know a single detail about what Caro has prepared for the new adventure of the titular family.

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The only thing that we can almost certainly is that, judging by the photo you have shared on the network, we will have again Cecilia Suárez, Juan Pablo Medina and Aislinn Derbez who will again interpret their respective roles as Paulina, Diego and Elena.

It is not the only project that Manolo Caro has in hand for Netflix, a few weeks ago the filming of ‘Once upon a time … but no longer’ started, a twisted and musical take from fairy tales. A series that, hopefully, is much better than his last foray: ‘Someone has to die’.

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