MaveriX Season 2: Did The Show Get Renewed?

The Australian sports drama series ‘MaveriX,’ created by Rachel Clements, Isaac Elliott, and Sam Meikle, follows the exploits of the show’s namesake motocross team. MaveriX is set up by Scott Griffin, a talented rider and son of national champion Cam “Griffo” Griffin. They recruit six riders and form a team with the intention of dominating the MX Junior Nationals. Teenage daredevils face numerous challenges, such as the severe weather of Central Australia, exhausting training sessions, and opponents who try to undermine them. However, the two of them are each other’s biggest problems. Without figuring out how to cooperate, they have almost little shot at placing in the top three.

The teen show was widely praised after its premiere. The acting, inclusive casting, and smooth-riding sequences all received high marks. The series was produced by Brindle Films, and ABC Me holds the exclusive airing rights in Australia. The series was originally produced by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, but Netflix bought the rights to distribute it internationally. The first season of the show has recently become available on the streaming giant around the world. So now you don’t have to worry about finding out if there is going to be a second season.

MaveriX Season 2 Renewal Status

On May 12, 2022, Netflix released the first episode of the show’s first season. Meanwhile, the picture is not yet clear when discussing the possibility of a second season. There has been no official word on the show’s future from either Netflix or the producers. But since it was made available on Netflix around the world, the Australian series has been performing quite well.

However, there is scope for the narrative to continue beyond the conclusion of the first season. Therefore, it’s likely that the show will return. At this point, though, everything is simply speculation until an official announcement is made about MaveriX Season 2.

What is the storyline of MaveriX?

Scott Griffin is one of the best junior motocross riders in Australia, continuing the winning tradition of his father, Ken “Griffo” Griffin. The father and son team has decided to launch a new cycling academy under the moniker MaveriX. They are now in the recruitment phase for new students.

Jenny is unusual amongst girls in that she actively participates in the circuit and takes risks. Richie’s parents are keen for him to excel academically at his elite private school since they see his immense potential. Kaden’s plans to join the Katzo Motorsports team were put on hold as he was defeated in the final by the organization’s best rider, Lawson, who subsequently signed with MaveriX.

Lawson tries to control Scott and gives him information as if he were not his father; this partially succeeds, as Scott is distracted by Lawson during the finals but still places second overall. However, Griffo is concerned that the two expert riders from Perth will not enroll at the school despite his having spent the family’s life savings on revamping the courses and making other improvements. A mysterious and nameless young woman watches everything unfold from a distance as well.

MaveriX Season 2 Cast and characters

  • Darcy Tadich as Scott
  • Tatiana Goode as Jenny
  • Sam Winspear-Schillings as Bear
  • Tjiirdm McGuire as Richie
  • Sebastian Tang as Kaden
  • Charlotte Maggi as Angelique
  • Jane Harber as Tanya
  • Rohan Nichol as Griffo
  • Kelton Pell as Vic Simmons

What to expect from MaveriX Season 2?

Kaden returned to the team in the penultimate episode of the first season. Scott came in first and took first place at the MX Junior Nationals, while Jenny finished second. In the end, Lawson came in third and Kaden came in fourth. Jenny, despite her sadness at losing, still managed to offer her congratulations to Scott. The MaveriX crew reflected on a successful first year as the episode concluded.

The events of the first season will be followed up on in MaveriX Season 2 when the show returns. New players are likely to sign up after seeing how productive the team has been. The friendship between Jenny and Scott has romantic overtones. Even if Richie doesn’t join them at MaveriX, he’ll still be a good friend for sure.

MaveriX Season 2 Release Date

On May 12, 2022, the first episode of Season 1 of “MaveriX” debuted on Netflix. It premiered on ABC Me in Australia on April 1, 2022, and ran for ten episodes in total. There are ten episodes totaling between 24 and 30 minutes in the first season.

What we do know about Season 2 is as follows: The producers and management at Brindle Films have not announced any plans for a sequel. However, a second season may be possible given the generally positive reactions the show has received since its initial release in Australia. If the show does well on Netflix, the company may invest in the creation of subsequent seasons.

The first season concludes at a logical point in the story, but there is still room for the introduction of new people, relationships, and obstacles in subsequent seasons. Season 2 of ‘MaveriX’ would premiere in the second quarter of 2024 if the first season’s popularity persuaded the powers that be to renew it, and if the renewal was officially announced by the end of summer 2023.

MaveriX Season 2 trailer updates

There is currently no new trailer because there is no guaranteed return. Production has apparently not even begun yet. It seems like it will be a while before we see results.

MaveriX Season 1 Rating

MaveriX received a 7.5/10 from 48 IMDb users and a 2.5/10 from Leisurebyte viewers. The reactions to the show were generally negative. Half of the crowd complained that the concert was boring and subpar, while the other half enthusiastically defended it.

Where can I watch MaveriX?

Netflix subscribers from across the world can watch MaveriX. There has been no release of MaveriX on any of the other international platforms as of yet.

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