The Purge Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

A futuristic anthology horror series, ‘The Purge’ is based on the successful film franchise of the same name. The show’s plot revolves around the titular yearly event, a 12-hour time in which all crimes, which include murder, are legal in a dystopian America ruled by a dictatorial political party, much like its filmic inspirations. The television series used an anthology model, with each season focusing on a different group of characters as they struggled to survive the Purge.

All roads lead inexorably to the next Purge, as Season 2 digs into the aftermath of the Purge night we witnessed in Season 1 and shows how it affected the lives of four interrelated characters over the subsequent 364 days. The original film’s leading man, Ethan Hawke, makes a return appearance in the series second-season finale. So, in the next season, will we attain to see another Purge night? What is it?

The Purge Season 3 Renewal Status

On October 15, 2019, USA Network debuted the second season of their hit show The Purge. Despite the commercial success of the first film in the Purge series, five additional films have been produced. In May of 2021, USA Network decided to pull the plug on the Purge Season. There has been no mention of a cause for the cancellation from the network. Many, nevertheless, believe the show was canceled due to its exorbitant production costs and the show’s dwindling viewership in its second season.

Why The Purge Season 3 was canceled?

USA’s new policy on content was the main factor in the decision to cancel the third season of The Purge. The network claims it will put more resources into reality shows and other live events rather than developing its own scripted series. One possible explanation is that they haven’t had much success with these in the past.

The Purge movies have a devoted fanbase, but it’s conceivable the audience didn’t convert to a television show, as evidenced by the substantial drop in ratings and viewers for season 2. Even though season 2 of The Purge was not as well received as season 1, it was rather than the only scripted series canceled by USA around the same time, suggesting that the decision was more of a transition for the network than an outcome of its specific problems.

The Purge Plot Summary

The series is based on a movie-inspired dystopia in which an extremist government rules the fictional United States and permits a 12-hour period in which all crimes, including vandalism, theft, arson, and murder, are legal.

Season one focuses on the experiences of a handful of seemingly unrelated people: Miguel Guerrero, a Marine searching for his sister Penelope, who has joined a death faction; Jane Barbour, a leader who uses the Purge as an opportunity for vengeance; and Jenna and Rick Betancourt, a married couple with big business ideas who attend a Purge party in search of venture capital from an affluent Purge ally.

The second season similarly begins as the annual purge night is winding down, and then follows characters as they deal with the aftermath of that night and investigate plots from the year prior to the next cleansing. Former police officers who turned to burglary are featured in one tale. An NFFA agent in another narrative investigates the suspicious death of a researcher’s companion and discovers that many of the victim’s other pals have also met violent ends.

Other accounts detail members of a school brotherhood who went on a forager chase on Purge Night, only to have to hide and deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for a while; and a married couple who were attacked on Purge Night but later learned that one of their attackers was an assassin sent to kill the other’s spouse. The story develops and establishes clear connections between these people and their stories.

The Purge Season Cast and characters


  • Gabriel Chavarria as Miguel Guerrero, a US Marine who returns home on Purge Night after receiving a cryptic message from his sister, Penelope
  • Hannah Emily Anderson as Jenna Betancourt, an anti-Purge proponent and devoted to charitable causes who is accustomed to locking down on Purge Night.
  • Jessica Garza as Penelope Guerrero, a member of a cult who pledges to be sacrificed but finds her faith tested when exposed to the realities. She is Miguel’s sister.
  • Lili Simmons as Lila Stanton, a young, rich, and rebellious woman who refuses to fit in with the pro-Purge socialite crowd.
  • Amanda Warren as Jane Barbour, a dedicated and hardworking finance professional who is convinced that she has hit an insurmountable glass ceiling at her firm
  • Colin Woodell as Rick Betancourt. After a lifetime of bootstrapping, he is finally climbing the social ladder
  • Lee Tergesen as Joe Owens, an armored, masked, and seemingly ordinary man who drives through town
  • Recurring
  • William Baldwin as David Ryker, the Managing Partner at Jane’s investment firm and her boss.
  • Reed Diamond as Albert Stanton, one of the New Founding Fathers of America.
  • Fiona Dourif as Good Leader Tavis, a cultist who leads her followers into danger on Purge Night
  • Paulina Gálvez as Catalina, Stanton family’s maid. She becomes an ally for Jenna.
  • Andrea Frankle as Ellie Stanton, one of the New Founding Fathers of America. She is Albert’s wife and Lila’s mother.
  • Jessica Miesel as Alison, one of Jane’s subordinates
  • Adam Stephenson as Mark Cantoff, one of Jane’s subordinates
  • Dominic Fumusa as Pete the Cop, a keen-eyed, ex-military man and ex-cop with a mysterious past and a dry sense of humor.
  • Dane Rhodes as Carmanuce Cascone, Pete’s friend
  • Allison King as Eileen, a woman rescued by Joe on Purge night. She is the representative of the factory Joe was working.
  • Christopher Berry as Rex, a collector of the Carnival of Flesh
  • Garrett Kruithof as Kick Charlie, a man rescued by Joe on Purge night. He is Joe’s childhood bully.

What The Purge Season 3 Could’ve been about

After news of the NFFA’s (New Founding Fathers of America) targeting and killing civilians off-Purge spread, Season 2 of The Purge showed that a faction of resistance fighters had formed. The occurrences of The Purge: Election Year, in which Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) ran for president to depose the NFFA and end The Purge, could be traced back to this group. Roan may have been able to abolish The Purge once she was elected at the end of the election year. Since the resistance group doesn’t exist until the end of Season 2, their formation may foreshadow Roan’s overall platform and provide insight into the circumstances under which she determined to run for office.

Season three of The Purge might have taken a completely different path, as both seasons have remained separate from one another in terms of chronology and continuity yet taking place in the same universe. The show has messed with the established timeline of the franchise by jumping around in time, showing flashbacks, and generally leaving viewers in the dark about how long The Purge has been going on and when each season takes place.

The Purge Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of ‘The Purge’ debuted on USA Network on October 15, 2019. After 10 episodes, which all aired on December 17, 2019, it was canceled. Unfortunately, we must break the news that the network decided to stop the show after two seasons in May 2020. Fans were surprised when the network decided to cancel the show, especially given how well it had started. Season 3 of ‘The Purge’ has been canceled as of today. It had promise, but fans were going to take comfort in the knowledge that the film series will continue to provide additional installments.

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