‘Zoey 101’ Reunion is on the floor, No Appearance of Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

‘Zoey 101’ Reunion is on the floor, No Appearance of Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears is a comeback after 10 years, and another side ‘Zoey 101’  whole cast is reunited. If you think the once again you will see the magic of the Jamie Lynn Spears on the screen with reunion then forget about is. She misses out because she “fell asleep.”

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

29th July is the Reunion date. Where Co-Cast member of the Jamie is reunited after 11 years. And is the first-time span of the 11 years time. Matthew Underwood, Christofer Massey, Paul Butcher, Victoria Justice, and Sean Flynn are the part of the ‘Zeon 101’ Reunion. Where Jamie Lynn is on the break and she had played the promising character of Zoey Brooks, Now she opens up and said that she would like to reprise the role once again.

She had spread the video message on Instagram. She confirms the Fell asleep and she was lame. Video is like a consolidate about the reunion miss. Not one but both of the reunion she has missed.

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Let’s what she said on the Video “Not only did I miss the reunion, but I also missed the FaceTime, because I’m lame and fell asleep, thank y’all for the video and hope to see y’all very soon” After the caption, there is one Sick emoji.

The tragedy of Zoey 101

She had signed the cast of Zoey 101. At that time she suddenly left the role of the Zoey because of the pregnancy. Yes, She is pregnant at the age of 16. Then in 2008, she is having motherhood of newborn daughter Maddie. She had given birth in 2008.  At that time she is feeling like self-conscious. She is concern about parenting abilities. She is a good mother and she proves that.

In some of the interview, she said that “I used to be insecure at times because I was always the youngest mom in the room. I quickly learned that being a good and competent mother has nothing to do with age. I have met some of the most wonderful, amazing moms who are anywhere from 20 years old to 50 years old, so young or old, love is all it’s really about.”

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After the Instagram video post of, the cast has rained with the comments. The cast is pleased to see there her here and get well soon messages. Then they have started the singing the theme tune of the show. This is the beautiful gesture they did for the co-cast and lovable Jamie Lynn Spears.

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