Marvel’s “Runaways”: Summary of The Panel At The New York Comic Con

The other panel did feature tonight at the New York Comic-Con. So it did dedicate to the third season of ” Marvel’s Runaways”. A few hours ago we saw a new teaser that was recently available.

Marvel Runaways NYCC
Marvel Runaways NYCC

Jeph Loeb, president of Marvel TV is the director of the panel. It did start with an exclusive video of the season that has not yet come to the Internet.

The great absence of the panel has been the actress Elizabeth Hurley, who has not been able to attend. But instead, she did record a video. She plays Morgan Le Fay, who they have confirmed will act as a great villain of the season.

Marvel’s “Runaways” Season 3: Teaser and New Poster

After a series of praise messages among the cast members (at Loeb’s request), the first episode of the third season did premiere. The comments that have been seen on Twitter reviewing the episode have been exciting. Fans are eager to see more about the series.

After this, he has touched the usual round of questions, leaving some interesting headlines that we can summarize in the following points:

Lyrica found many similarities between Nico and her as a teenager. He has trouble dealing with his emotions, so he spends hours putting on makeup to feel he has control.
Virginia wanted Nico and Karolina to explore their relationship. That was the most important thing for her.
They confirm that this third season of Runaways will address Alex’s fate of the comics.

This season will play a good amount… – Rhenzy comments when asked about comic book stuff in this third season. If anyone knows Alex’s fate That’s Rhenzy.

As for the crossover with “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”. They say they wanted to do it from the start but have had to wait until this year for Loeb to give its approval. The appearance of Capa and Puñal will be a “very important” part of the plot. So we are not talking about a simple cameo.

In Arrow’s Last Season “Colton Haynes” will return as “Roy Harper”

Without confirming anything, Loeb has suggested that it is now the time. So Runaways should be seen in the Cloak & Dagger series. Are they planning another new crossover?
They advance the end of the season as something “incredible” according to Virginia. They literally had fun as children when they recorded that final.

The panel has finished showing the teaser officially did launch hours before.

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