Lupin Part 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Lupin Part 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans of Netflix’s slickest gentleman thief will need to sit and wait for seeing him home on their screens. Lupin Part 3 doesn’t look like it will come out until 2023, but when exactly is still unknown.

In the meantime, there’s a lot to look forward to, especially since Netflix’s Tudum event in September brought a brand-spanking new trailer and a first-look image.

The teaser gave us a first look at Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy, in Lupin Part 3. Co-creator George Kay said that the new episodes would be like a reboot.

Assane seems to want a fresh start, but the fact that he’s still on run from the authorities shows that it won’t be easy for him to leave his past and France behind.

Part 3 has been a long time coming. In November 2021, Netflix tweeted a photo of Sy on the set to mark the start of filming.

Lupin is based on the same-named French mystery-thriller show made by George Kay as well as Francois Uzan. Netflix jumped at the chance and bought the rights to a foreign language series. The first part of the series came out in January 2021, and the second part came out in June 2021.

In its first month, 70 million homes watched the show, making it the most-watched non-English show on Netflix at the time. Lupin Part 3 has indeed been picked up by Netflix, and Omar Sy says that it is already being made.

But at the Tudum Occasion on Sept. 24, Netflix showed the first glance at Lupin Part 3 and a short teaser. The story of the gentleman thief was hinted at in the trailer that was put out. In the mystery thriller series, Omar Sy plays a modern-day gentleman robber who dresses like Arsène Lupin and vows to get revenge for his father’s death.

Assane has to learn to live away from his daughter and son now that he is in hiding. Assane can’t stand seeing his family suffer because of him any longer, so he goes back to Paris to make each other a crazy offer: leave France as well as start a new life somewhere else.

However the ghosts of his past are always away, as well as an unexpected yield will transform his plans on their head.

Lupin Part 3 Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that Lupin Part 3 will come out on the service next year. In a Tweet that Netflix France sent out, the show was listed along with other titles like The Witcher season 3 as well as You season 4.

At this point, it’s not clear if the rank in which they have been written is also the order that they will be released, but we do know that Season 4 will come out in February of next year and that The Witcher 3 will come out in the summer of 2023.

That means that, despite what Lupin co-creator George Kay has said before, the show could come out in the second half of 2023.

Before Part 3 has been officially given the go-ahead in January 2021, Kay said: “We’re making a plan for that, so I’m sure it will happen. We’re planning the story as if that’s going to happen because the reactions to the initial five episodes show that it’s very likely that will happen next year… unless something goes wrong.”

Lupin Part 3 Cast

Omar Sy, who has won many awards, will play Assane Diop again in Lupin Part 3. Intouchables, a comedy-drama movie, is where Sy is known best for his role (2011). He was the first Black person to win the César Best Actor Award for his role in the movie.

Sy has also been in movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Jurassic World (2015), and Transformers: The Last Knight (2016). (2017). Sy has won several awards for his acting, including two Globe de Cristal Awards for Outstanding Actor, the Montreal Worldwide Black Film Fest Career Achievement Award, as well as the Satellite Awards for Best Performer in a Drama/Genre Series for his role in Lupin.

In Lupin Part 3, Ludivine Sagnier is likely to play Claire, who is Assange’s ex-wife as well as the mom of his child. Sagnier is most well-known for her roles in movies like Swimming Pool (2003) as well as Secret (2007). In both roles, she was up for the César Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

She has also been in movies like Love Songs (2007) and A Girl Cut into Two (2007), as well as TV shows like The New Pope (2020) and The Serpent Queen (Starz) (2022 – present). In the upcoming biographical drama miniseries on Apple TV, Franklin, Sagnier is set to play Anne Louise Brillon de Jouy.

Etan Simon will play Assane and Claire’s son Raoul in Lupin Part 3. Soufiane Guerrab (Les Beaux Mecs) will play Detective Youssef Guédira, Shirine Boutella (Papicha) will play Lt. Sofia Belkacem, Vincent Londez (Public Enemy) will play Captain Romain Laugier, and Antoine Gouy (Hear Me Out) will play Benjamin Fere.

Lupin Part 3 Trailer

During its TUDUM showcase occasion on September 24, 2022, Netflix showed the official new trailer for Lupin Part 3 for the first time. Inside the teaser, Assane talks about how he got revenge for his father as well as wanted to remain in the dark to safeguard his family, but he had to come back to the light. Now is the time when he should leave.

And it looks like he did, because he is not to be found, even though he is on all of the front web pages and everybody is talking about him. But he might not be able to get away if his picture appears all over town as just a wanted man with everyone looking for him. The teaser lets us know that Lupin Part 3 will be full of action and mystery.

Lupin Part 3 Plot

The official summary for Lupin Part 3 says, “Now that Assane is in hiding, he has to learn how to live without his wife and son.

Assane can’t take seeing them suffer because of him any longer, so he goes back to Paris to start making each other a crazy offer: leave France as well as begin a new life somewhere else. But ghosts from the past are always away, and an unforeseen return would then turn his proposals upside down.”

As Lupin Part 2 came to a close, Assane finally found out what was going forward with Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre). But this is not the conclusion of their story. These men have many more battles to fight. Omar Sy told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that future episodes will have a lot to offer:

“It depends on what Pellegrini, everyone else, and even he is going to do next. Because it’s not finished yet. He has done all the work, but it’s not done yet. When Episode 10 was over, we didn’t have all the answers to our questions.

This one is sure to get you excited. George Kay talked about Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes in an interview with Radio Times. Kay said that Sherlock Holmes was in the Arsène Lupin books by Maurice Leblanc, but in later books, his name was altered to Herlock Sholmes. Arthur Conan Doyle never said that the character could be used.

He said, “Some ideas are going around that,” when asked about the possibility of Herlock Sholmes going into Lupin’s world. Fans would prefer to see that, though.

At the end of Part 2, Hubert Pellegrini was in handcuffs, the late Babakar’s name was cleared, and so was Assange’s name. Assane said a sad goodbye to Claire and Raoul in the last scene of Part 2, even though the police were still looking after him in several cases. Assane would probably be on the run when Season 3 starts.

In the season 1 and 2 finales, Lupin found out the truth about Hubert Pelligrini’s wrongdoings and got him and the corrupt police council member Gabriel Dumont arrested.

He did this to clear the name of his late father. Since this has been Lupin’s main storyline up until today, it opens the door for other stories to take the lead. With so many ideas to choose from in the Arsène Lupin books, there are still a lot of excursions to be had.

In a question and answer session with EW, Omar Sy said that this gentleman thief may not be done with Lupin’s revenge just yet. “He has done the work, but it’s not done yet. When episode 10 was over, we didn’t have all the answers to our questions.

Even though Assane was calm when he gave Pelligrini to the police within a week of years of trying to get his revenge, it looks like his calmer side will come back in season 3. “So Assane doesn’t use violence. He does everything he does, but he doesn’t use violence. One of Lupin’s rules is that he never hurts or kills anyone.

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