Learn how you can write your book fast

Learn how you can write your book fast

Before you decide to write a book, it’s a good idea to figure out how long it may take to complete it. After all, you don’t want to start your book and then later realize that you cannot complete it due to time constraints. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a lone writer who is trying to put together a story or it’s a group of writers focused on writing a book, it makes sense to plan before you commit to writing a book. In this article, you will learn how you can write your book fast.

Scheduling a deadline

Writing the content of the book is considered to be the most important part of the self-publishing process. You can have a good book cover and come up with a great marketing plan, but if the content is not stellar, then your readers can feel disappointed.

Besides writing well, you must also write according to your realistic timeframe. Any self-publisher can have the freedom of writing according to any schedule they desire, but you need to establish an effective one.

The good thing about having a deadline for your book is that you can have momentum. Remember that the enthusiasm for most writers tends to taper off over time. Therefore, if you take a lot of time to complete your book, you risk losing your momentum and abandoning your project. You need to set an achievable deadline for your book writing process as it can keep you motivated to see it through.

Also, project planning is crucial to finishing your book fast. If you intend to self-publish, you can have a checklist of activities that you need to do besides writing. You have to know when you can complete your book so that you can launch and market your book.

Failing to have a deadline is also another way you can get unfocused and overwhelmed. A book writing deadline lets you create manageable targets and be in control at all times.

Ideally, if it’s your first time writing a book, then there are a couple of things you may want to know. For example, you may be asking yourself, how long does it take to write a book? Firstly, you need to establish your speed. Take note that each writer usually has a different pace, so you need to find your right pace. You can decide to write 500 words and find out how long it takes to produce a first draft. You can also ask other writers how long it takes to write a book that is similar to yours. This should give you an idea to work with.

In most cases, most writers take about 6 months or 180 days to write a book. Sometimes, it can take writers between 4 and 8 months to finish a book, but you write your book faster than this, especially if you schedule a deadline for writing your novel or book.

It’s worth mentioning that the average time you can write a book can be affected by several factors. This includes the genre of the book you intend to write, your typing speed, the writing session you schedule, and the amount of editing you need for your book.

A book outline

A book outline refers to the skeleton of your book. Quite often, it has information about the plot, structure, characters, scenes, and settings that can feature in your story. No doubt, a book outline can help you to write your book faster. 

You should note that an outline can be different for every writer, so you can choose to be different and creative or simply stick to the tried-and-true methods. Some writers utilize a one-page written document or a storyboard with ideas or images on the wall or index cards. Others prefer to describe each scene in detail by outlining the key plot points and characters.

The good thing about a book outline is that it can prevent writer’s block. Therefore, if you have a book outline, then you should use it when you are stuck or unsure how to continue. The character notes, ideas, and other details you planned can help you to move on.

A book outline is not your first draft, though it’s similar and can give you a good headstart on your project. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of writing, rewriting, and drafts it needs because most of your story structure is already planned. You don’t need to get back and rearrange, especially if you already have a good plan.

If you outline your book, it can highlight areas that may be problematic like weak characters, plot holes, and setting issues. Hence, you need to sort out these details from the onset or think through them. This can assist you when it comes to writing about this area.

A good story needs to have believable and compelling characters and clear story goals. It should also have a good plot as well as fine setting elements to transport you into the areas. By planning your book outline first, you may handle some of these elements before you even begin writing.

If you have any problems while writing, the book outline can remind you of the direction of the story. Most writers tend to get distracted from the goal of their stories. This also includes where the story needs to go and the way character arcs play out. Checking your outline regularly can keep you on track, and you may not find yourself in a corner with no idea of what to write.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that there is a rule that can force you to stick to your deadline schedule and book outline. Therefore, you can decide to leave open some endings and see where the inspiration and characters lead you. You can also decide to add more characters or even different scenes than you originally planned. That said, it’s a good idea to write your book faster so that you can avoid feeling overwhelmed in the long run. Therefore, you need to challenge your writing speed so that you can get faster each time.

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