Jeffree Star Net Worth 2020 is $200 million

Jeffree Star is an American model that happens to be the makeup artist, musician, entrepreneur, DJ, and internet celebrity from Orange country. He did successfully manage to have a Net Worth of $200 million. Jeffree Star secures his remarkable place among one of the highest-paid Youtuber stars in the world.

Well, Jeffree Star is the founder of the cosmetic company that he has given his own name “Jeffree Star Cosmetics”. Star did collaborate with so many brilliant makeup artists and singers from different parts of the country. So he was having what someone will surely say a success throughout the career. Most of his fortune comes from his cosmetic company.

Jeffree Star is well-known for his colorful hair that mostly happens to be bright pink. People also like several tattoos that are on his body. Jeffree Star has a huge fanbase along with so many followers that are caring and supporting at every turn. The 33-year-old makeup artist is enjoying currently a huge amount of net worth due to his outstanding talent and skills.

Early Life

Jeffree Star was born on the 15th of November 1985 in Orange country, California. His real name that only several people and fans know about is Jeffree Lynn Steininger Jr. But he did have a tragic childhood as his father, Jeffree Steininger did commit suicide. Jeffree Star did not have a father to scold him because he passed away when he was only six years old.

Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger did raise Jeffree Star as his mother and an American model. In spite of the absence of his father, Jeffree Star did not feel like he is going to need one. It was all due to the effort, love, and care that his mother has been putting in raising him. During his childhood, Jeffree was doing many experiments with his mother’s makeup kits when she was not around.

Gradually, Jeffree Star did begin wearing makeup every single day while he was in Junior High. After completing graduation, he did move to Hollywood in order to pursue a modeling and makeup career. Star is now holding the secure place as one of the most trending personalities due to his overwhelming desire. He always did desire to become the best makeup artist while having an interest in modeling.

Fans and viewers like one thing the most about Jeffree Star and that is his interest in music. After arriving in Hollywood, Jeffree Star did manage to work at several makeup counters. He was also making himself open to every opportunity he gets in order to be the center of attraction. Jeffree will even book little side-gigs while he was at someone’s wedding or a photo shoot. Later on, Jeffree Star becomes popular after making a great breakthrough in his career with MySpace.

Overtime, Jeffree Star did manage to make his contacts and connections with celebrities to show his makeup skills. He was successful enough to make a social media fandom of his own and MySpace for particular. Star did post makeup tips and songs on MySpace with thousands of comments per post.


Jeffree Star did begin his career on MySpace while he was focussing on his music career and fashion design career. He was surely one of the most connected personalities on MySpace by 2006. Star did make social media usage by posting blogs that will reflect his unique lifestyle and characteristics. It was not shocking that thousands of people along with his fans and followers were checking Jeffree Star’s post regularly.

The best thing that makes him the engaging personality is Jeffree Star’s commentary Self Image and Confidence. People all over the world were gossiping about the everyday life and posts of Jeffree Star. He even did manage to gain a huge amount of fans and followers worldwide. But Star was gaining more popularity and support as he did begin his music career.

The beginning of Jeffree Star’s music career was when his friend Samantha Melony did encourage him to make music of his own. That surely did encourage Star to be a part of the True Colors tour that runs through 15 cities of the US. Jeffree Star did launch his first and debut album namely “Beauty Killer” in 2009 which secures the 7th position on Billboard’s Top Electronic Album Charts.

Akon was the next celebrity who did more likely to call Jeffree Star “The Next Lady Gaga”. Although Jeffree Star did manage to release his only debut album and five music videos, fans love him. But around 2013, Jeffree Star did leave the music industry in order to chase another desire.

Since then, Jeffree Star did work with many finest musicians and artists. Such as Millionaires, Blood on the Dance Floor, Deuce, and Larry Tee. He begins to earn a great amount of fortune in 2014 when he becomes the owner of his e-commerce cosmetic company.

With his cosmetic brand’s increasing popularity and profits, Star is earning a Net Worth of $200 Million. He is living a peaceful life while focussing on his health and career goals.

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