Lamborghini Urus: Pros and Cons of the Fastest Crossover

650 horsepower, 850 Nm of torque, 4 liters, 8 cylinders, 3.6 seconds to 100 km/h, 305 km/h in top speed, over 5 meters in length, and over 2.2 tons of curb weight. Lamborghini Urus is able to impress with technical data. But do the figures decide everything! Let’s think about it.

Perhaps we should say at once that this article is not a traditional test drive, but rather a reflection and an attempt to understand (and maybe take) the first SUV, if not count LM002, from Lamborghini. And we would like to start with the penultimate encounter with the Urus.

The lightning quickness with which this big man literally and figuratively brakes off from 250 kilometers per hour is impressive. The Urus barely licks the apex and rushes towards the checkered flag without a hint of drifting or skidding.

I might have added that the inferno itself was bursting out of its four exhaust pipes, but I just couldn’t hear it. The real inferno was going on right behind me at that moment. Atmospheric V10 of the new Lamborghini Huracan Evo, spinning up to 8.5 thousand, deafened me and all living around with a piercing ringing howl… And as it seemed to me at that moment – pitiful. For leading ahead of the Urus to overtake was categorically forbidden. So, I had to watch in a relaxed manner, which points to the crossover brakes, to estimate by eye, how many centimeters it squats in turns, and how it twists and turns contrary to the laws of physics due to the mechatronic chassis. It’s all beautiful. I even almost remembered my first impressions of the Urus on the track.

It’s hard to compare a sports car to an SUV weighing 2.2 tons that can carry up to four people and all their suitcases. Although when you choose a rental car, this question becomes relevant. This SUV can be a great alternative to a sports coupe, but it will never completely replace it. So if you are traveling with your family to Dubai, I would advise you Lamborghini Urus rental in Dubai, especially since the hiring prices are quite reasonable. If you are traveling alone, then consider other options, because the range of car rental services is really impressive.

The Urus is fast. I would even say fantastically fast on the track, but… For a crossover! And this correction is like a sobering slap in the face. In general, the prospect of meeting the Urus on the racetrack looks doubtful. Test drives for customers and rides for journalists and bloggers and that’s it. After all, the Urus is a Lamborghini for every day and for every surface.

It is very easy to forget behind the wheel that you drive a car of the same company that produces stubborn supercars until the next driver of X5M or G63 AMG wants to compete at a traffic light. But the Urus dispatches them so easily that after the fifth mini victory the rest of those who want to challenge them are ignored. In modes Sport and Corsa, the crossover is expectedly sharp and loud. Though, artificial notes slip through. In a city stream in a mode Strada, the Italian bull is malleable and calm. A light touch on a gas pedal does not make it jump on a bumper of a going-ahead car, and the exhaust system whispers. For 22-inch wheels, it is quite soft, though it shakes at cross joints on axles. The frameless windows don’t filter out road noise perfectly, but that doesn’t stop the B&O audio system from delivering great sound. It has comfortable seats with a lot of electric adjustments. The media center, familiar with current Audi models, has two touchscreens on top of each other, with its own graphics. It’s roomy. There is enough space for legs in the back, but a little over your head… Stop! Do you not find it irrational to hear such estimation in relation to Lamborghini? As if we were talking about one of Audi’s models.


I shall not philosophize, whether this crossover has a spirit of the brand from Bologna. Though with pleasure I would reflect on it with a mug of beer. Lamborghini fans will not accept the Urus, but they should be happy about it. After all, in a world obsessed with SUVs today, this bull will attract investment to Lamborghini, which will be spent on the development of the supercar lineup in the future.

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