How To Activate STC Sim Card With Iqama

If you are looking to activate your STC Sim card with Iqama, there are certain prerequisites you will need first. Obviously, you will need an STC Sim card, and you will need to have your Iqama with you. You will also need to make sure that the STC Sim card is not expired or blocked.

Lastly, you will need to have your bank account details linked to your Iqama so that you can pay for the subscription. Once you have all these prerequisites, you can start the process of activating your STC Sim card with Iqama.

Ensure you have an STC Sim Card

To activate an STC sim card with Iqama, you need to make sure that you have a Saudi Telecom Company (STC) sim card. When purchasing the sim card, it is important to register the correct account details including full name, address, date of birth, and contact number.

Once registered and activated with your Iqama, you can begin using your new STC Sim Card. The process usually takes up to 2 hours after activation.

For the activation of your STC Sim Card with Iqama, you will need valid identification or Iqama documents along with other required materials that is detailed on the company’s website for this service.

Make sure that you understand all the requirements before beginning the process as failure to do so could result in an unsuccessful application due to not having all relevant information correctly filled out.

Once all forms are correctly filled out and submitted online, a customer service representative from STC will be in touch within 2-3 days asking for further documents if necessary. These may include copies of a valid ID like a passport or driver’s license, proof of address, and proof of employment (if applicable).

To get started on data connection, subscribers need to first enter ‘Sim Number’ followed by ‘password’ on their web page located at

After providing all required information accurately as per instructions given by the representative and successfully submitting your registration form online they will provide you a SIM Activation code which is usually 16 Digits Characters long and needs to be inserted into the device before use.

Once done through these steps carefully and after satisfactory verification of supplied documents & credentials provided then only SIM Card activation will be considered officially done by Saudi Telecom Company (STC).

Ensure you have a valid Iqama

Before attempting to activate a STC Sim card you need to ensure that you have a valid, up-to-date Iqama (Saudi Residence Permit). Without the Iqama, you are unable to proceed with the STC activation process, so if you do not yet have an Iqama, you must obtain one before trying to activate your SIM.

Once your Iqama is obtained, check to make sure all of the following information is present as they are essential for completing the activation: Your full name and ID (as listed on Iqama), your date of birth, nationality, and passport details.

It is also recommended you have both a mobile number and an Email address handy for setting up future account details. Make sure all this information is correct before proceeding with the activation process.

Activation Process

Activating an STC SIM card with an Iqama is a relatively easy process. The first step is to ensure that the customer has the required documentation such as their Iqama, passport, and a valid credit card.

Once these are provided, the customer can enter their details into the online form provided by the STC website. Following this, the customer can then proceed with the activation process.

Dial 1100 from your STC Sim Card

To activate your STC Sim card with your Iqama, you will need to dial 1100 from the STC Sim card itself. This process can take up to 24 hours. Once it has been processed, you will receive an SMS notification telling you that the activation was successful and that you can begin using your STC Sim card with your Iqama.

In some cases, an activation code may be required which can be obtained by dialing 1000 from the STC Sim card while connected to the network. The code should be entered in the registration page on STC’s website.

After entering this information and agreeing to the terms of service, you should submit the registration and wait for a confirmation message indicating that your request has been accepted.

You may also be required to insert a one-time pin (OTP) for additional security measures. The OTP is sent to a secure mobile number or email address that has already been registered with Unified Network Services – which is mandated by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT).

Once this is completed, customers should be connected immediately upon submitting their registration form online or via SMS/email reply provided upon request via phone.

Select the language you prefer

The activation process of your STC Sim card with an Iqama is quick and straightforward. Before getting started, make sure the Sim card has been inserted into your device. Then open up the app associated with the Sim card or dial *888# and select the language you prefer.

Depending on your device type, you may need to press your call key to continue. On the next page, you will need to enter your Iqama number and select ‘Activate now’. Once this is done, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered phone number so that you can complete the activation process.

Finally, enter a passcode of meaningful numbers for security purposes and you’re all set!

Enter your Iqama number

Once you have purchased your STC Sim card, the next step is to activate it. The activation process will vary depending on whether you are an existing STC customer or a new customer. In this guide, we will walk through the steps of activating your STC SIM card if you are a new customer with an iqama.

Before you start the activation process, remember to ensure that your SIM card is inserted correctly into your phone and that the phone has sufficient battery power to complete the process.

To activate your STC Sim using an Iqama number:

1. Dial *888# then press Call/Send.
2. Select Option 2 – New Service Activation and press Call/Send
3. Enter your Iqama number then press Call/Send
4. Enter your 8-digit PIN code and then press Call/Send
5. Wait for confirmation that the service has been activated

The validity period of this activation will be from one month from the date of purchase until the end of the expiry date of the Iqama Visa which is indicated on the screen after the successful activation process completes.

If either date is sooner than another one, the sim automatically disconnected after attaining a lesser date between the two dates mentioned above during the activation service period in case a feasible top up not done before the end of the validity period as payment for the sim card’s subscription for another respective period assigned as per packages available at time sim bought by the customer.

After the successful activation process is confirmed, users can enjoy sim services without any interruption throughout mentioned validity period in the edit above if payment according to their selected package due required before the expiry date ends then only users can avail of services, further after spending the desired amount needed as per package committed by customers on subscribing respective packages available at that time when he purchasing Sim Card.

Enter your date of birth

For security reasons, entering your date of birth accurately is a required step in the activation process of an STC SIM card when you use an Iqama. To enter this information correctly, follow the instructions below:

1. On your mobile phone, open the STC App and log in with your Iqama.
2. Choose settings (gear icon) at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select “Change My SIM Activation”.
3. On the next screen, enter your valid Saudi Iqama number and proceed.
4. In this step you need to fill in a form that will ask for your personal details including date of birth (yyyy/mm/dd). Make sure to input all information accurately as incorrect data may lead to issues during activation later on. Finally, click submit to send the form for review.
5. Once all information has been verified, you will be notified that the verification process was successful and you can then proceed with activating your SIM card using one of several different methods (e-voucher, self-help tools).

Enter your mobile number

Once you have purchased an STC SIM card (dual SIM), the next step is to activate it. That’s where this guide comes in. To activate your STC SIM card, you need to follow the steps below.

First, insert your new STC SIM into your phone. Then, bring up the “Activation Process” page on your phone by dialing *166# or use one of the menus found on the welcome screen. Once there, enter your mobile number as prompted and hit “OK”.

You will then receive a confirmation code via SMS which you must enter in the space provided and hit “Enter” to confirm. After this is done, your STC sim will be activated and ready for use. That’s it!

Enter the activation code

Once you have obtained your SIM card and Iqama, you are ready to activate your STC Sim Card with Iqama. To begin the activation process, check the packaging of your SIM card for an eight-digit activation code. Enter this code on the appropriate page of the STC Sim Card registration website or app.

Once you are verified as an existing customer, create an account with your registered mobile number and submit it for verification. After confirmation, your SIM card will be activated for use in the next 24 hours. You can also call 111 from your registered number or visit the nearest STC branch to complete the activation process.


After you have activated your STC sim card using your iqama, there are some post-activation procedures you need to follow to get your sim up and running. These post-activation procedures include updating your address, submitting documents, and setting up your account. So let’s jump into the details and go through each step carefully.

Check your balance

After activating your STC SIM card, you will need to check the balance to ensure that it is ready for use. You can do this by opening the STC app and selecting the “balance” option. A window will then appear with the amount of credit remaining in your SIM card.

You can also dial *166#, and a text message with your balance will be sent to you instantly. Additionally, you can contact your provider’s customer service line if you have any questions regarding your balance.

Recharge your Sim Card

Once you have completed your activation process, you need to recharge your STC sim card. You can do this by buying recharge cards or using the STC website. Recharge cards are available in various denominations and the amount of credit received depends on the value of the charge card.

To use the STC website, simply create an account and then select “Recharge” from the dropdown menu. Enter your iqama number into the required box and choose which recharge plan you would like to apply to your account.

Once payment is complete, your recharge will be instantaneously activated on your SIM card. You can also receive automatic recharges by setting up a subscription plan or recurring payments through a credit/debit card associated with your online account.

Set up data package

Once your STC Sim card is activated with your Iqama, you can set up a data package so that you can access the internet on your phone or other mobile devices. You will need to choose a plan that meets your needs and budget.

The most popular data packages include:

-Data Pack ( Daily): This plan is great for those who need to use the internet occasionally. It offers 1 GB of data for 24 hours for only SAR 10.
-Weekly Data Pack: The weekly package offers 7 GB of data for seven days at SAR 50.
-Monthly Data Pack: Offering 30GB of data over 30 days, this package is ideal for moderate users and costs SAR 95 per month.
-Unlimited Data Package: If you’re an avid user, then this plan may work best for you as it has no limit on usage and will last for 30 days for SAR 250 per month.

Once you have chosen your plan and paid the required fees, go back to the My STC app where you can activate the package under ‘My Services’. To complete activation, restart your device. Congratulations — you now have access to fast internet.

Set up international roaming

You can choose to set up international roaming on your STC Sim when traveling abroad. This will allow you to use your phone and stay connected while you are away. To activate international roaming, you will need an Iqama (residency permit) and your ID card or passport at a local STC store or by contacting their customer service center.

At the store, the staff will help you complete the registration process, including entering all of the necessary information regarding billing and payment methods. After completing the registration process, the Sim card is now ready for use overseas.

However, you may need to enable data roaming for a successful connection and avoid charges for incoming calls from countries outside Saudi Arabia.

To do this, go to your smartphone’s settings menu, then go to “Cellular/Mobile Networks” in order to enable data roaming. Once this is done, reboot your phone and your international calls should be working correctly at that point.

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