Renfield Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Renfield Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Renfield is indeed an upcoming horror-comedy movie from the United States. Chris McKay is in charge of the direction, and Ryan Ripley wrote the script. The movie seems to be based on Robert Kirkman’s idea. Nicholas Hoult plays Renfield, a follower of Count Dracula who quits his job when he falls in love.

Google “quirky method actor,” and it’s a sure thing that Nicolas Cage’s name won’t be too far down the list. Few actors have had careers or acting styles that were so different from one another. In Leaving Las Vegas, he plays a drunk, suicidal TV writer, a role that won him an Oscar. In John Woo’s Face/Off, he chews up and spits out the scenery as both the hero and the villain.

Inside the famous, PG-rated National Hero series, Cage plays it straight as just a treasure hunter. There is the bloody revenge film Mandy, however, goes wild. Cage is an oddity in Hollywood because, even though his talent is undeniable, his acting ranges from great to bad, sometimes in the same movie. The factor that truly makes him a star, though, is that he’s almost always funny. to look at.

So it’s not surprising that everyone wants to know how Nicolas Cage will play the famous Count Dracula in the 2023 movie Renfield. Would then his ageless Count be sad and quiet, or will he be crazy and loud? Here is what we know so far about the movie.

When does the movie Renfield come out? Renfield is indeed an upcoming horror humor that will be based on the character Renfield, who’d been originally written by Bram Stoker as Dracula’s loyal servant in the novel.

After directing the science-fiction film The Tomorrow War, Chris McKay is now in charge of the vampire movie. Renfield, a movie from Universal Pictures, would then show what it’s like to be Dracula’s top goon, with some scary moments and some funny ones, too.

We went to Transylvania or back to gather all of the information we could find about the monster movie in one place before it came out. So, if you’d like to know when the Renfield movie will come out, who will be in it, what it will be about, and more, you don’t have to look any further. Enter, if users dare.

Acting legends example Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman, as well as the late Christopher Lee, among many others, have all put their spin just on the classic vampire character Count Dracula over the years.

Nicolas Cage would join them in the spring of 2023 when he puts on the robe in Renfield, a horror comedy about an iconic character’s bad guy. But in the new film from Universal Pictures, the classic literary figure will not blindly do what his master wants.

If the only thing you know about Renfield is that photo of Barn in full costume that went around in early 2022, don’t worry, you fearless vampire killer. We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about the movie, including when it comes out, who’s in it, what it’s about, how it feels, and other details you won’t want to miss.

Renfield Release Date

The next year will be a busy one for Universal Pictures at the box office. The forthcoming Fast X or the star-studded Oppenheimer are just two of the big movies that will help the studio’s big plans for 2023.

You can now add Renfield to just that list. According to Deadline, the Dracula comedy, which also has a strong cast, is set to come out in theatres on April 14, 2023. The 2023 movie timetable keeps getting better each day (or night, if you’re a vampire), and we still have months to go.

Renfield Cast

The next year will be a busy one for Universal Pictures at the box office. The forthcoming Fast X or the star-studded Gregg are just two of the big movies that will help the studio’s big plans for 2023.

Some famous people are in the cast of the movie Renfield. Nicholas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, and Awkwafina are the most likely to stand out. The three of them will be the main characters in the horror movie, and other well-known actors will play supporting roles.

You can now add Renfield to such a list. According to Deadline, the Dracula comedy, which also has a strong cast, is set to come out in theatres on April 14, 2023. The 2023 movie timetable is improving every day (or night, if you’re a vampire), yet we have months to go. But who do these three people play in the movie about vampires? Who plays Dracula, the Lord of Darkness, maybe the most important question.

Nicholas Hoult plays Renfield in Renfield, Nicolas Cage plays Dracula, and Awkwafina plays Rebecca Quincy. Ben Schwartz will play Teddy Lobo, Adrian Martinez will play Chris Marcos, Shohreh Aghdashloo will play Ella, Bess Rous will play Caitlyn, James Moses Black will play Captain J. Browning, Caroline Williams will play Vanessa, and Brandon Scott Jones will play the role that has not yet been decided.

Nicholas Hoult will play the main character, Renfield, who is also the name of the movie. It is his first leading role since 2019 when the movie Tolkien came out. In that movie, he played JRR Tolkien, the author of A Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth. This is a big change as the actor moves from drama to comedy and then to horror.

Nicholas Cage will play the vampire lord Dracula, which is a great choice of actor. That should be a great deal of fun since the actor plays the most well-known horror icon. People have set photos of the actor in character, with yellow fingernails, purple lips, pale skin, hair slicked back, and darkly colored clothes.

Awkwafina will also be in the show. She will play Rebecca Quincy, who will be Renfield’s love interest. In the MCU movies Shang-Chi or The Legend of Ten Rings, Awkwafina showed how funny she can be. She talked about how she could be funny and emotional at the same time, which bodes very well for her part in the upcoming movie.

Renfield Trailer

In January 2023, the trailer for the Renfield movie came out. It conveys the notion that Hoult’s character, Renfield, will get tired of having to serve a mysterious master, who will turn out to be Nicolas Cage’s, Count Dracula.

The reveal about Cage is just the cherry on top of a very funny, campy cake. Renfield is using special powers to look for his dark master, so the movie almost feels like a superhero movie. good fun! For now, that’s all the information you need about the scary movie. Make sure to come back to see what’s new as it comes in. If you don’t like vampire movies, check out our list of the finest zombie movies ever made.

Renfield Plot

The main plot of Renfield is that Dracula’s servant Renfield tries to get aside from his vampire boss. This is hard, and the fight leads to a lot of funny mishaps.

The official summary says, “In this modern monster story about Dracula’s loyal servant, Renfield, Nicholas Hoult plays the tortured employee of history’s most self-centered boss, Dracula” (Nicolas Cage). Renfield has to find his master’s prey and do everything he says, no matter how low. But now, after millennia of serving The Prince of Darkness, Renfield is prepared to see if there is a life outside of his shadow. If only he could discover how to stop being dependent on other people.”

Robert Kirkman, who writes comics, came up with the story. Kirkman is best known for making the scary comic book series The Walking Dead. He has told Renfield “a story about his role as Dracula’s henchman and how bad of a job that is.” He had also stated that the movie would be “a fun, very violent comedy,” so along with the scares, you can expect a lot of laughs.

In Dracula, a book written by Bram Stoker in 1897, Jonathan Harker goes to Transylvania to negotiate a real estate deal again for the old Count, but he barely escapes the evil immortal’s grasp. The main people in the story are Jonathan, his fiancee Mina, and Van Helsing, who hunts vampires.

Even though he has been in over 20 movies, R.N. Renfield is only a minor character within the original story. He is a patient in a mental hospital who eats bugs and rats to get their life force. Throughout fact, Renfield is indeed the typical vampire familiar. Even though Count Dracula told him he would live forever, he hesitates to do what he wants.

Renfield’s movie is not a straight adaptation of the book. Instead, he uses the book as a starting point for a new take just on the original story. Renfield, who is sick of his toxic, codependent relationship with Dracula that has lasted for centuries, is the main character in this story.

Renfield moves to modern-day New Orleans to start a new life. His life gets more complicated once he falls in love with a sassy traffic cop and gets in trouble with some mobsters. Still, he has to deal with Dracula, who is always demanding and possessive. He is a figurative boss from hell who results in the lack of changing his ways.

The movie has been called both “violent comedy” and “oddball horror.” It is said to have been inspired in part by Taika Waititi’s mockumentary series What We Do in the Shadows, which is about vampires, as well as classic horror-comedy films like That of an American Werewolf in London, Evil Dead II, as well as Shaun of the Dead.

Renfield, who works for Count Dracula, gets a new start in modern-day New Orleans once he finds love with a fiery but always aggressive traffic cop named Rebecca Quincy.

According to reports, the plot summary for the series says, “The film is about Renfield, who is sick and tired of becoming Dracula’s servant for so many years. When he falls for the sassy, always agitated traffic cop Rebecca Quincy, the bad guy gets a new start and maybe even a second chance.

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