Lady Oscar: back to the court of France with the full series available on Now TV

Lady Oscar , Riyoko Ikeda’s masterpiece, and one of the most followed anime series in Italy in the early 80s, is finally back available on a streaming platform, in its full version. It was the same Yamato Video, which holds the rights to the work, to have communicated the return to the French court on social media.

By sharing the post you find at the bottom of the news, the famous publisher has confirmed that it will be available see the full season, consisting of 40 episodes, on Now TV, and follow the complicated life of Oscar François de Jarjayes, a noble woman, commander of the Royal Guard, who has been educated since childhood as if he were a man.

Lady Oscar still remains one of the best works dealing with historical themes, both as regards manga and anime, inserting realistic characters in a real setting, the court of Versailles, in an incredibly fascinating era, such as that of French Revolution. However, the projects of Yamato Video linked to Lady Oscar do not end here, as a special Blu-Ray edition should be published by the end of the year, anticipated with a very short video published in July.

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We also remember that the singer of the initials The Knights of the King, Clara Serina, said she was moved by the words of the fans, and we leave you with 5 curiosities about Lady Oscar that you may not know.


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