Koikimo Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

‘Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui,’ ‘It’s Disgusting to Call This Love,’ or simply ‘Koikimo,’ is an age-gap romance anime adapted from a Japanese manga series by Mogusu.

The plot centers on the dynamic between Ichika Arima, a high school student who is seventeen years old, and Ryou Amakusa, a guy in his twenties who is involved in an affair. They first cross paths when Ichika stops Ryou from tumbling down the stairs.

He finds out later on that she is Rio’s best friend. Ichika finds Ryou’s infatuation for him strange at first, but it grows nearly immediately. But as the show goes on and Ichika learns more about Ryou, she begins to feel the same way.

Many viewers had different reactions to the anime when it premiered. The anime has received almost as many criticisms for its portrayal of age-gap romance as there have been ardent supporters of the project and its inspiration. The first season of the program has just finished broadcasting. If you’re curious about the possibility of a second season of “Koi to Yobu ni wa,” we’ve got you covered.

Koikimo Season 2 Renewal Status

Anyone who saw the pilot of this romance drama thought it was fantastic. Early reactions were mixed, but as the show progressed, critics started to have more nice things to say about it.

Additionally, the show’s portrayal of an age-gap relationship caused some criticism. Koikimo ended up with a 7.19 average rating on MyAnimeList. On top of that, it is rated #1046 in popularity and has over 162,000 members in its MAL group.

Any production company would be wise to greenlight a second season based on these numbers. One catch, though: Studio Nomad has used up all of its original content. The creators also want to avoid spoiling the first season’s exciting ending. Thus, the likelihood of Koikimo Season 2 ever happening is now very low.

Koikimo Season 2 Release Date

No one associated with the production of Koikimo has, as of this writing, confirmed when Season 2 will be available to watch. This includes Studio Nomad.

Not much has been said about a Koikimo sequel either. Worldwide sales of the manga series exceeded one million copies by the beginning of 2021. In the last episode of the anime, some of the last chapters of the manga are adapted. Consequently, an OVA or a second season might be in the works.

Koikimo Story

Since Ryou has stopped calling Ichika, she is understandably concerned. Ryou brings it up later in a chat with Masuda, who scolds him for being so unjust to Ichika by fleeing in such a manner. Ichika attempts to run after Ryou after seeing him on the metro one day.

At last, she gets her man’s attention by screaming. Just as she did a few months ago, Ryou stops her from plunging down the steps. Their feelings for each other are openly expressed. Ryou tells Ichika he will wait for her to be an adult while kissing her.

Koikimo Cast

  • Ichika Arima Voiced by: Yurie Kozakai
  • Ryo Amakusa Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
  • Rio Amakusa Voiced by: Rena Hasegawa
  • Kai Tamaru Voiced by: Junya Enoki
  • Arie Matsushima Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
  • Masuda Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura

Koikimo Season 2 Plot

Falling in love makes ending a relationship difficult. An unexpected meeting brings together Amakusa Ryou, a successful businessman who charms several women, and Arima Ichika, the best friend of her sister, a high school student.

At the same time that he approaches the high school girl in an almost needlessly forthright way, she scolds him without hesitating and responds with direct disgust. Amakusa Ryou interprets this as a sign of our girl’s love for him.

Koikimo Season 1 Rating

The Koikimo anime series has received mixed reviews from two popular anime rating sites, IMDb and MyAnimeList. A somewhat higher 7.14 rating was given to the program on MyAnimeList, while it received a 7.1 rating on IMDb.

Where to watch Koikimo Season 2?

We still don’t know when Season 2 of Koikimo will be released. To pass the time, Crunchyroll has the first season of Koikimo available to watch.

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