Restaurants on the edges season 2 released on May 8 2020

Restaurants on the edge

The “Restaurant on the edge” is the unscripted series which is about the talent, the adventure of three experts, and successful in their own field -a restauranteur, a designer, and a chef. They are all food and design expert’s travel restaurants in Muskoka, St. Croix Finland, Slovenia, British Columbia, Arizona, and Hawaii to help struggling restaurants create an experience that matches their amazing views. Nick Liberato, a celebrity chef, and experienced restaurant management expert is the producer of the series.  This show is similar to  Bar rescue. They help to take up the restaurants which are shutting down. They are inspirational. This series released its first season on 28 February 2020.

The plot of the “Restaurants on the edges” Season 2

The first season of the unscripted series got affection from the fan. And season 2 is to release. The host of the series season 2 is Dennis Prescott, a celebrity chef. Nick Liberato renowned chef and experienced restaurant management expert. Karis Bohn, a top-rated interior designer from Vancouver.

Season 2 of the “  Restaurant of the edges” is featuring breathtaking location and diverse ways of life, Restaurant on the edges focuses on creating outstanding restaurant experience by making connections with local communities and cultures.

Expected release date of the “Restaurants on the edges” season 2

The first season of the Restaurant of the edges got soo much love and support from the audience. And everyone is waiting for the second season. The season of the series was premiered on 28 February 2020.The show half a episodes of half an hour and consists of 8 Episodes. The second season of the series is the first half of the first season. The second season is scheduled to release on May 8, 2020.

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