Know About All The OTT Releases In May 2021

Know About All The OTT Releases In May 2021

As we know that many public places are shut due to this pandemic places and there is no chance as of right now because this second wave is increasing a lot these days.

Theatres, gyms, cafes, and restaurants, in short, every public place where we can find the crowd are closed as of right now.

And if these places are closed, what will be people doing whole to pass their time? of course, passing time on online series on such OTT platforms.

So fans must be known that this may is entirely booked with lots of series and movies you love and you waited for the song. All we can do is binge-watching except online studies or any such work done at home.

Save The Date For These OTT Releases:

One of the films is Sulthan in which the lead role is maintained by Karthi and Rashmika Mandana and the movie will directly releasing on the 1st of May.

Also, this movie so much loved by the fans because the actress who is playing the lead role has her debut in Tamil’s cinemas.

That is the reason, why fans are in love with this movie and also they waited eagerly to watch this movie. Now you can go online and can watch this movie anytime with your friends and family.

Lava ka Dhaava is a Hindi movie, also the movie is featuring the great Javed Jaaferi and this movie will be releasing on Netflix by the 5th of May.

So people just four days to go and then you can go watch this movie which you waited for and of course for the Javed!

Thank You Brother which is a Telugu movie will be releasing on the Aha OTT platform by the 7th of May starring Anasuya Bharadwaj in his main role so you can now download the application if you have not.

Superstar Dhanush’s movie Karnan which is in the Tamil language is releasing on Amazon prime by the 9th of May. So if you don’t have your Prime Subscription, you can go right now and buy now so that you can watch your favorite shows.

Everyone knows about Radhe movie in which Salman Khan is the starter will be releasing on Zeeplex by 13th May. And also it will be releasing in a pay-per-view format.

Telugu movie Cinema Bandi is a comedy movie that will be streaming on Netflix by the 14th of May.

Hindi movie starring Arjun Kapoor and Rakul Preet which is Sardar ka Grandson will be releasing on Netflix by the 18th of May.

Toofan which is the most awaited movie starring Farhan Akhtar which is a Hindi movie will be releasing on Amazon Prime by the 21st of May.

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