American Horror Story: 1984 starts with several twists and turns, challenging the certainties of the fans. Thus, on the one hand there is a feeling of disorientation. On the other, there is a green light for the spectators’ conjectures. Some of these have in fact tried to give an explanation to the final of the third episode of the FX brand show.

American horror story 1984
American horror story 1984

In the final moments, we see Montana, the character played by Billie Lourd. She comes face to face with Richard Ramirez ( Zach Villa ). Between the two takes a kiss and the woman asks the Night Stalker ” why haven’t you killed her yet? “.

Referring to Brooke ( Emma Roberts ), It also proves to be on the side of perpetrating the horrors in Camp Redwood. Apparently there is nobody that you can trust.

As reported by Digital Spy, for some fans this evil chord seems to link to American Horror Story: Apocalypse. As we recall the one that was made between Dinah Stevens ( Adina Porter) and Pope Legba in which the woman asks for fame and success.

Well, the hypothesis is that Richard Ramirez is in possession of powers that would allow him to fulfill Montana’s wishes. So in this view Brooke would have been chosen as a sacrifice. Thus To back up the thesis, The useful fact is that Brooke did define as ” the last American virgin “.

So that Montana claimed to want to become the biggest aerobic competitor of all time. The imagination of the fans is in full swing. So who knows if in this case, they saw us right.

In recent days, Zach Villa reveals the difficulties of playing Night Stalker. A character based on the eponymous serial killer who really exists. The Killer was active in the years in which the last incarnation of the anthological series which Ryan Murphy directs is all set.

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