Which SUV You Like To Choose, The Kia Sonet or Hyundai Venue?


The SUV models are attentive for the riders in all manner at the globe, because, it has the ability to fulfill almost all the rider’s preferences. The Kia Sonet and Hyundai Venue are one of the SUV models that, made because it can take place to complete your requirement. With, the contrast of features, you can choose wisely between two of them.

Features Of The “Kia Sonet” & “Hyundai Venue”

In terms of the Interior, Kia offers 10.25 inches touchscreen display whereas, the Venue offers 8 inches long touchscreen display. They have almost common central AC ventilators in the interior part. They both are fulfilled with the navigation system along with the apple car play as well as the android connectivity. Kia has one digital speedometer and the Venue has two different speedometers but it not in a digital manner. For, the purpose of climate control change Kia has more comfort as compared to the Venue.

In the term of the Exterior, Kia proposes more convenient LED headlights than the Venue. Kia offers a more powerful, taller active bumper as compare to the Venue. Concerning the look of both the SUVs, Kia has a sportier view than the Venue, at all the angles. Kia comes with the 18 inches crystal alloy wheel rim whereas, the Venue provides the same sized but, in diamond cut alloy wheel rim.


In respect of the engines, Kia and the venue will available with diesel as well as the petrol engine recourse, with the same turbocharged engine tanks capacity. But, in regard to the power, Kia and the venue have a 6-speed transmission with 97 bhp and 99 bhp respectively. Both are offering almost the same torque power which is 4000 rpm.


Kia will offers in just ₹6.6 to 12.9 lakh whereas, the venue available in just ₹6.75 lakh.

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