“Money Heist” AKA “La Casa De Papel” Season 4 Is Back!!

“Money Heist” AKA “La Casa De Papel” is returning with a Bang for Season 4

After Successful Hit of premiering the previously 3 seasons, “Money Heist” is now returning back to release season 4 soon. The series did become one of the most popular international Series streaming on Netflix.

Money Heist new on netflix
Money Heist new on netflix

“Money Heist” Or “La Casa De Papel”  is a Spanish Heist Television Series which was first aired in the native region in May 2017. It was broadcasted on a local network Antenna 3. But it was publicly known after 2017.

When the Series was out for its first season, then Netflix has owned all the rights and made an agreement to stream the series worldwide.

Netflix is now streaming many international series that has made fans to stream this series on Netflix. The Series is rated 8.6 on IMDB because of the growing Fans and Supporters.

Fans are waiting for season 4 with their shoes on their heads. When Season 3 did release back in July 2019. The Series is based on the heist of money as the name suggests.

It became an instant success when the series was aired globally by Netflix. Over 34 Million Viewere have tuned in to watch the series “La Casa De Papel”.

When Will Season 4 of “Money Heist” Release?

Fans will be happy to hear that Alex Pina has officially confirmed that the Filming and Production of Part 3 wrapped earlier this year.

So we can expect the series to hit the viewers in late 2020 or early 2021. There are rumors spreading that Part 4 might be released at the end of 2019, But they are rumors so you can not trust them.

Season 1,2, and 3 are now streaming on Netflix. To Watch It Now Click Here.

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