The Knights of the Zodiac: in this figure of Ikki the phoenix resurrects in the God Cloth

During The Zodiac Knights, the bronze armor worn by the protagonists have been destroyed and rebuilt several times. Bathed in the divine blood of the goddess Athena, in their latest incarnation they are called God Cloth. Here is Ikki wearing the sacred robes of the constellation of the Phoenix.

Crafted by Gantaku, this magnificent collectible statue portrays Ikki wearing the God Cloth of the Phoenix, that is the final evolution of the Bronze Cloth impregnated with the divine blood of Athena. In the original manga, these armors are considered superior to all other Cloths and even compared to the Kamui of the gods.

70 centimeters tall, the figure sees the Bronze Horseman raising his fist in a gesture of defiance. Behind him, the fiery Phoenix is ready to rise again and hit opponents. At a price of 1149 euros, this magnificent collector’s item features details of absolute relevance. In addition to the spectacular and meticulous construction of the Cloth V4, it is the face, in particular, that is well finished.

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