Kakegurui Season 3 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

Kakegurui, or Compulsive Gambler as it is more well known, is one of the best anime series to be added to Netflix in recent memory. Kakegurui’s run was marked by a never-ending flood of joy thanks to Studio MAPPA’s art and Yumeko’s terrifying actions. The second season premiered on Netflix in 2019, and while viewers were anticipating Kakegurui: Season 3 in 2023, they were instead treated to an adaptation of the manga’s prequel, Kakegurui Twin.

Netflix clearly sees promise in the brand, as they published the prequel in August 2022 despite the fact that the manga series and anime are already well-established worldwide hits. The first season of Kakegurui Twin can be viewed on the streaming site, although there are only six episodes available. The second season of Twin, or at least six new episodes, could be announced by Netflix in the coming months. The prequel is the icing on the cake of the original action-packed anime, but if you can’t wait for it, here’s a short glance at when you may anticipate Kakegurui: Season 3.

Kakegurui Season 3 Renewal Status

If you want to know if “Kakegurui” will return for a third season, you’ll have to wait for an official renewal announcement from either the anime studio Mappa or the distributor Netflix, which has the rights to stream the show outside of Japan.

Renewals are frequently determined by factors like viewership and availability of original content. There are currently 82 chapters spread across 14 volumes of the “Kakegurui” manga by Homura Kawamoto and Tooru Naomura, which can be found on Fandom. While the manga and anime aren’t exactly the same, the anime has largely stayed true to the source material over the course of its 56 episodes. That’s almost enough to last another whole season. Season one concluded on an original episode, and season two ended in a different way (perhaps to provide a finale in the event that the show wasn’t renewed). If something like occurred again, there would unquestionably be enough story for three full seasons.

Kakegurui Season 3 Release Date

The third season of the series hasn’t been officially announced as of yet, and plans have been pushed back because, as we’ve indicated, most people expected it to premiere in 2022. It’s wonderful that a third season of Kakegurui is in the works; the manga has a lot of material to translate, and the plot hasn’t come to an end yet.

After this, as we all are aware, the show’s first 12-episode season premiered in July of 2017, and the second 12-episode season premiered in 2019, over two years after the premiere of the first. Now, by that logic, season three should have premiered in 2022, but it didn’t. Our information suggests that there has been a delay, but that we can expect to receive the series by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 at the earliest.

Kakegurui Storyline

Hyakkou Private Academy is the site of the events in Kakegurui. The children of Japan’s wealthy attend this exclusive institution. Strangely enough, pupils’ ability to gamble rather than their grades or other qualities determines their status in the institution. Students at this institution are ranked according to the amount of money they donate to the student government. Those students who are well-liked by the Gambling Committee have a leg up socially and professionally. Those who aren’t as well-liked end themselves in debt, become house slaves, and cater to the student’s desires. To repay their debts, the ‘pets’ who are unable to do so in their lifetimes are given ‘life schedules,’ which determine every aspect of their existence.

Kakegurui Season 3 Cast

Almost every recurring character from the first two seasons returns for the third, including the whole Momobami family. Both Suzuki and Yukito will be present. Our information indicates there is going to be no new entrants.

Kakegurui Season 3  Plot

In the final episode of Kakegurui: Season 2, Yumeko and Sayaka fought to the death in the Tower of Doors. Yumeko won the game handily, earning the respect of Momobami Kirari, the president of the Student Council.

Kakegurui Season 3 will presumably continue with the Student Council President Election Arc, in which Momobami offers up her Presidency as a bribe to end Yumeko’s unstoppable winning streak. The anime airs episodes in a different sequence than the manga, so we can’t say for sure when the next game will be. Despite Studio MAPPA’s deviation from the norm, this is still a fantastic adaption that was expertly executed. The third season of Kakegurui has not yet been announced, but given the anime’s track record of outstanding visuals and compelling story, it’s probably not too far off.

Kakegurui Season 3 Trailer

No trailer has been released as of yet because there is currently no confirmation of a third season. But watch this area, since we will update it as soon as we learn anything official.

Where to watch Kakegurui Season 3?

When Season 3 of the show finally arrives, viewers will be able to watch it on both Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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