Attack of the Giaganti 4: the new Eren in the style of Wit Studio in this image

Initially there was a lot of surprise among fans to discover that The Attack of the Giants 4 it would not have been produced by the animation studio that took care of the previous seasons and, perhaps out of nostalgia for the previous style, an enthusiast has revived a scene from the anime.

The adaptation produced by MAP of Hajime Isayama’s work has come to an end and to find out how the protagonists’ adventure will continue it is necessary to wait for the publication of the second part of Attack of the Giants 4 scheduled for 2022. In the meantime we have the opportunity to take a look at ‘together with the work done by the animation studio that despite the fears of the fans it was finally much appreciated as the thanks of the spectators of Attack of the Giants 4 testify.

However, someone wondered how it could have been a transposition of the new season by Wit Studio. This is the case of the Reddit user MIOMEIR who recently shared an illustration representing Eren Jaeger, the protagonist of the manga, as he appears when he presents himself in front of Armin and Mikasa inside Niccol√≤’s shop. It is visible at the bottom of the news and represents the young man with the cut on his hand obtained to threaten his childhood friends to use the power of the giant, however, there is a particular style that is very close to that of the studio that took charge of the previous seasons of the work.

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