Kaguya-sama: Love is War, the author answers questions from drunk fans!

Given the terrifying success of Kaguya-sama: Love is War 2 and the recent breaking of the wall of the 11 million copies sold, young author Aka Akasaka seems to have every reason to celebrate with fans. The mangaka then decided to get drunk and start an AMA (Ask me anything) on ​​Twitter: let's find out the best answers!

We anticipate that the author has answered over 100 fan questions, all courtesy of a handful of Reddit users. At the bottom of the article you can take a look at the complete post, published last May 31.

Aka Akasaka opened the dance by writing: "I'm drunk, ahead with the questions!", before being literally overwhelmed by thousands of messages. The author started by answering the following questions:"What is the most difficult character to draw?" is "Who would you hang out with among the manga characters?", making the name of both Chika Fujiwara. Akasaka spoke of the character by labeling him as "the best person on the student council"and revealing that the bow is nothing more than a stylistic device.

As for the ending of the work, the mangaka has announced that it will retire within 9 years, or before entering the 40, and that for now there is no scheduled narrative arc dedicated to the university path of Kaguya and Shirogane; consequently, the manga will end once the third school year is over. However, the author did not rule out the possibility of a revival, perhaps in 2030.

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Among other curiosities, Akasaka has revealed his favorite trio: Shirogane, Ishigami and Maki, and announced that in the next narrative arc new characters and a new member of the student council will enter the scene. As for the anime, the author said that his favorite scenes were the adaptations of chapter 27 (Kaguya wants to resist) and 56 (Miyuki Shirogane wants to admire).

And what do you say? Are you following the TV series or the manga? Let us know what you think of this work by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you have not already done so, we advise you to read our in-depth analysis on Kaguya-sama: Love is War, in which we explain the reasons for the success of the anime.


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