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Nothing like the weekend to forget about work and relax with a few carefully chosen leisure plans. Of course, sometimes “relaxing” is not exactly what proposals such as ‘Stowaway’, ‘The Empty Man’, ‘Peninsula’ or ‘Alien: Isolation’ provide. But uh: here we propose you a quality weekend, not necessarily one of naps (that you also have to make room for them)


Although inferior to its predecessor, ‘Train to Busan’, this ‘Peninsula’ proposes a good session of infected, post-apocalyptic drama and eccentricity and action in the purest Korean style. The action takes us to a few years after the viral explosion that we witnessed in the first installment, with a group of survivors who have to return to Korea to locate a truck full of money.

‘Shadow and bone’

A commitment to fantasy and youth adventure by Netflix, which adapts a best-seller of literature young adult by Leigh Bardugo when we have the information. We will enter a world inspired by imperial Russia, fragmented in two and that presents us with an orphan who has a power that can change the destiny of her own. The darkness in which your country is partially plunged it can be dissipated by the protagonist’s ability to summon a powerful light source.

Available on Netflix

'Peninsula': a very effective Korean action and infected film, but inferior to its precedent 'Train to Busan'


Excellent miniature of tension in zero atmosphere premiered exclusively on Netflix, which presents a group of three astronauts heading to Mars on a scientific mission. His plans go awry when an unwitting stowaway, accidentally trapped on the ship, makes his appearance. before takeoff and that puts the mission at risk. First-rate suspense and extraordinary performances from Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson.

‘The Empty Man’

One of the most disturbing and evocative horror films of the year comes to Disney +, distancing itself from the verbena style of scares to which the genre has become accustomed in recent times. A spiraling nightmare based on the literary universes of teachers such as HP Lovecraft or Thomas Ligotti, and that tells how a policeman who is looking for a missing girl runs into a group of fans who try to summon a mysterious entity.

‘Belladonna of Sadness’

Filmin recovers this hidden classic of the most experimental and erotic anime, produced by the father of the manga, Osamu Tezuka, and directed by one of his main disciples, Eiichi Yamamoto. Visually very suggestive and of extraordinary sensuality, it tells the story of a feudal lord who abuses a young woman on her wedding night, and the pact of revenge that she will make with the devil.


Maybe you tried it a couple of years ago when it hit PS4. But if you missed it or you are not a user of the Sony console, Sega now launches the game retreaded for the new PS5, its generational equivalent of Microsoft and Stadia. It is a sandbox from the creators of ‘Yakuza’ that combines investigation, adventure, exploration and explosive action in typically urban environments and Japanese.

  • Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Stadia

‘NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 …’

The ‘NieR’ universe is a real mess. It was born as an RPG produced by Square Enix in 2010, with two alternate versions for Japan, ‘Nier Gestalt’ for Xbox 360 and ‘Nier Replicant’ for PS3. The first of them is the one that was seen in the West, and now comes a remaster of ‘Replicant’ for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here, with revised and adapted graphics and mechanics, we are told the story of a young man and a talking book with which he can save his sister, suffering from runic necrosis.

  • Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Mariana Enríquez: the dark world of the great author of horror literature in Spanish

‘Don’t Forget Me’

An intriguing and sophisticated indie, with a pixelated but delightfully futuristic aesthetic. With a research system that promises innovative and complex, puts us in the shoes of a psychiatrist who has to navigate the memories of his patients, uncovering little by little and mind to mind a conspiracy that aims to subdue all of humanity.

‘Alien: Isolation’ free

Years go by and we are not going to deny you: ‘Alien Isolation’ still seems to us one of the best games of the PS3 / PS4 generation and a terrifying experience that still retains its full force. Technically it has not lost an ounce of its original verve, and the retro-futuristic designs remain a dream for every fan of the xenomorph franchise. You have it free for PC and for a limited time.

‘The Wild’ (Julia Elliott)

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Habemus new publisher, Horror Vacui, which wants to publish works written by women, but beware, “that a disquieting, grotesque, monstrous literature that departs from the conventions of a misnamed «female literature»And they start off in an unbeatable way, with a book of stories by Julia Elliott where there is room for everything: from science fiction to gothic horror, from apocalyptic atmospheres to fairy tales, but always with a very personal touch.

‘Superman contra el Klan’ (Gen Luen Yang, Gurihiru)

Superman 1

1946. Roberta and Tommy Lee are two teenagers who have just arrived in Metropolis, where the KKK also acts, who manages to defeat Superman thanks to a fragment of kryptonite. Can these young men change the fate of the Man of Steel? A story based on the serial ‘The clan of the burning cross’ and that presents, in a colorful tone and for all audiences, a lot of pages of Superman breaking up Nazis. Planazo.

Superman vs. the Klan (DC COMICS GRAPHIC NOVELS)

Superman vs. the Klan (DC COMICS GRAPHIC NOVELS)

‘The Avengers – The Vision and the Scarlet Witch’ (Various)


If ‘Wandavision’ has left you with more desire for marriages between mutants and androids, you are in luck: this compilation volume collects the first and mythical miniseries of the couple, where they left the Avengers in search of some normality, hiding in any neighborhood. But the routine is complicated if you are a superhero. And as a tip, the volume includes the Avengers special with the couple’s wedding.

The Avengers.  Vision and the Scarlet Witch

The Avengers. Vision and the Scarlet Witch

‘Someone walks on your grave’ (Mariana Enríquez)


Under the subtitle of ‘My trips to cemeteries’, the current queen of macabre literature in Spanish compiles a series of texts (originally published years ago, to which a few unpublished ones have been added, reaching a total of twenty-four) in the what stroll through graveyards around the world. Famous dead, sparkling epitaphs, funeral monuments, all with the weightless prose of Mariana Enríquez.

Someone walks on your grave: My trips to cemeteries: 670 (Hispanic Narratives)

Someone walks on your grave: My trips to cemeteries: 670 (Hispanic Narratives)

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