Google Photos for Android already allows you to improve the sharpness and reduce the noise of your photos

Google photos continues to enhance its editing tools. After renovating its photo editor and adding a video editor, the application now has more editing tools.

In its new version, Google photos premieres two new settings basic for any photo editor, but surprisingly not yet available in the Google gallery.

So are the two new editing tools

Now with Google photos we can improve sharpness O reduce noise of our photos without having to resort to its sister application Snapseed.

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Google Photos Sharpness Noise

To find the new tools we just have to open a photo and click on Edit and access the section Adjust. There, near the end of the options, we find the new settings “Improve sharpness” and “Reduce noise”.

The adjustment Improve sharpness It will allow us to “focus” on those photos that are a little blurred to add a little more definition. The adjustment Reduce noise what it does is practically the opposite, blur the image to soften it and eliminate the small grain that the photograph may have, typical in dark scenes.

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