Is Dragon Ball Super setting the stage for Broly’s return?

While the great Broly has been effectively sidelined after its canonized reboot in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the current arc of the manga Dragon Ball Super It seems to be dropping a lot of breadcrumbs that could easily be carried back.

The last arc of the manga is Granola The Survivor and has quickly expanded the Dragon Ball lore in a big way. There are more Dragon Balls out there, and various new factions are now targeting Freeza and the Saiyans.

Since Broly’s story is now deeply connected to both, it seems like a necessary addition to the story. Warning! The following in The Truth news will talk about serious spoilers from the Dragon Ball Super manga created by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro.

The main story idea in “Granola The Survivor” sees a bounty hunter named Granola introduced to the Dragon Ball Universe. The character comes from Planeta Cereal, whose residents were annihilated by order of Freezer, usando a los Saiyajin Great Apes like his executioners.

Granola had thought that Freeza was dead and that the Saiyans were all extinct. However, after the exploits of Goku and Vegeta vs. Moro In the previous Dragon Ball Super arc, Granola learns that Frieza is still alive.

In addition, Granola uses the Dragon Balls from Planet Cereal to achieve an important wish: to become the strongest warrior in the universe, strong enough to defeat Frieza. However, Granola’s criminal partners, The Heeters, they have a different plan.

Could Broly return to the Dragon Bal Super manga soon?

Granola is now on a collision course against Goku and Vegeta, but if his wish comes true, they may not be enough. Although now he is the most powerful being, this only applies to the moment the wish was made.

Goku and Vegeta are working to increase their respective Ultra Instinct and Destroyer powers, but it seems unlikely that will happen before the events of the Granola arc (and the return of Freeza) are interrupted.

Will Broly return in Dragon Ball Super?

Broly is (at his core) an unlimited power-building force of nature, who can exponentially increase his power without limit. Whatever advantage Granola may have due to his desire, it wouldn’t last long once he started fighting Broly.

Even better: if Granola and Broly ever managed to put their differences aside, they might find that they have a common enemy in Freeza. It would be comical to see the evil overlord have to face such a fight. Dragon Ball Super launches new chapters for free online, monthly.

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