An all-Italian Bulma in this Lulu Dragon Ball themed cosplay

Between the late 1990s and early 2000s, entire generations of viewers tuned in to Mediaset channels to enjoy the episodes of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Those characters in search of the Dragon Balls have accompanied many fans of anime and manga today, perhaps giving the green light to their entry into this world.

At the moment the story is continuing with Dragon Ball Super now in chapter 71, but fans are very fond of those first episodes with their fights and those versions of characters. Retracing Akira Toriyama’s story from the beginning, leaving there were only Goku and Bulma, the two protagonists who gave birth to the adventure that continues today.

The first scenes with Bulma were not lacking in criticism because of the character and the way in which fanservice was created by exploiting the qualities of the girl. Nowadays, however, Bulma is still appreciated as a character and used a lot by cosplayers. Even the Italian Lululolottie has decided to dedicate a cosplay to Bulma in bunny version, also recalling the first moments in which he approached the anime of Dragon Ball, which then sanctioned his entry into the world of manga and anime and subsequently that of cosplay.

Below you can see the photos and video taken from the model’s Instagram account with this new Bulma.


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