Iron Man, revealed the background of that famous fake photo that leaked from the set

After revealing details on Shang-Chi's failure to debut in The Avengers, Chris Fenton, president of Chinese company DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group, revealed a background on the photo leak emerged from the set of Iron Man 3.

Before China became one of the key markets for Marvel Cinematic Universe movie takings, Kevin Feige's studio had signed its first collaboration with a Chinese company for the development of Iron Man 3 precisely to fuel the interest of the franchise in the country.

"The shooting of Iron Man 3 in Beijing was essential" Fenton explained in his new book, Feeding The Dragon. "Not only did we have to get good material for the global version of the film, but we also had to make it clear where we were. The production of the film was also taking place in China, contrary to what Shane Black said. People had to know."

The manufacturer later revealed how the image was spread in question (you can find it at the bottom of the article): "At the end of the shooting day, we took a photo to turn it to the press. In the image there were Wang, Iron Man, at least from the bust up, and the ancient Chinese paifang. To make it look like a production photo, we added one of the cameras to the frame. Also, we decentralized the image a bit. "

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For more insights, Disney + shared a video dedicated to the evolution of Iron Man's armor.


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