Invisible City Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Invisible City Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Brazil has been known for a long time as a place where many different cultures come together. Its mythology is made up of the people’s folklore, traditions, and deeply held beliefs. Invisible City is a series of books that are based on Brazilian folklore and a story written by best-selling authors Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhoz.

In Invisible City, a policeman is trying to figure out what happened to his wife when he stumbles upon a secret mythology.

Trying to find a pink dolphin on the beach piqued his interest because he is determined to show that the animal also has something to do only with the disappearance of his wife. Invisible City is indeed a Portuguese fantasy show on Netflix that is directed by Luis Carone.

The last episode of Netflix’s fantasy show Invisible City set up a great second season, but will it happen? Invisible City was one of many foreign languages shows that the streaming platform has added to its library over the past year for its subscribers around the world.

They have done very well with movies like “Alive from South Korea” and TV shows like “Unorthodox” and “Home Sweet.”

Carlos Saldanha, who worked on Ice Age: Dawn of a Dinosaurs, made Invisible City. It was filmed in Brazil and was done entirely in Portuguese. It’s about an enviro police officer named Eric (Marco Pigossi) who finds out that folklore and myths have arrived to live in a tiny town near Rio de Janeiro.

Invisible City takes elements from supernatural detective shows like The X-Files as well as Supernatural and adds Indiana Jones-style adventure to make a story about murder, mystery, and gods that is very interesting to watch.

At the end of season 1 of “Invisible City,” they made sure to leave cliffhangers that would set up season 2. Some of the side stories were finished, and some were left open so that the audience would be ready for Eric or his never-ending search for the truth behind the supernatural.

In Carlos Saldanha’s 1st currently reside series, a police officer for the environment finds a link between the strange appearance of the dead river dolphin on the Rio de Janeiro beach as well as the fatality of his beloved wife.

This leads him to a hidden world of mythical beings from Brazilian folklore. The show ends with a big cliffhanger, and here’s what we know about the second season.

Invisible City Season 2 Release date

On March 2, 2021, when the first winter premiered on February 5, 2021, Netflix gave the show the go-ahead. If only other shows could learn from this one! Since the decision to keep making the show was made almost nine months earlier, we expect that filming has already started.

Netflix has picked up a second season of “Invisible City.” The show was picked up for another season on March 2, 2021, or less a quarter after it debuted on Netflix on Feb 5, 2021. The lead actor, Marco Pigossi, shared the exciting news in a short video on Netflix Brazil’s YouTube page.

There are rumors thrumorsseries will come out in 2022, but no one knows when it will be first episode could come out in late 2022 or initially 20 the 23.

Invisible City Season 2 Cast

Fans can only guess who will be in the cast for the seasoning there is no official information. We expect the majority of the actors from the first season of “Invisible” to return, except for the ones who died too soon.

Wesley Guimaraes, who played Isaac in Brotherhood, died when he went up against Luna. He won’t be back. We think Eric, Camila, and Ones will be back because they are important to the plot.

We expect Fabiana, played by Taina Medina, to be back for the second season. In the last episode of the first season, she went into labour. ThlaborTrailer has a good chance that she and her new baby will be important parts of the second season. Fans could also look forward to seeing new people in the next season.

Invisible City Season 2 Trailer

Netflix hasn’t put out a trailer or teaser for Invisible City yet, but you can watch the trailer for the first season either on YouTube or Netflix. In the first season, the show finds a creature that looks pink.

Then, when superpowers are revealed, the trailer for Invisible City takes an interesting turn, leaving the cast with more concerns than answers. There are always similar superhero shows on Netflix that you can watch online. Some of the shows you will find interesting are Umbrella Academy, Daredevil, and Lucifer.

Invisible City Season 2 Plot

Fans can’t wait to find out what could have happened since season one ended on a cliffhanger. If the show gets a second season, we’ll finally get the answers we’ve been waiting for. At the end of season one, Eric went into the world of gods as shortly as it was open.

In season 2, the story could be about what Eric does to stay alive and escape from the realm. Gabriella, Eric’s ex-wife, showing up again could mean that Eric is about to start a long, hard journey that will wear him out. Fans can also expect that the story of Fabiana as well as her baby will go further in the next season.

Invisible City’s second season may go into the supernatural world to show what Eric has to do to get to his fam alive. Even though this is exciting, its possible entrance into this globe may have a bigger doorway between the two worlds, which could make Season 2’s mystery more complicated.

The basic plot is about Eric, who finds a hidden world of mythical creatures from Brazilian folklore as he looks for a link between his wife’s death as well as the mysterious visual appeal of the dead creek dolphin on the bacteria de Janeiro.

At the end of the first season, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Since the show has been picked up for a second season, we are sure to get the answers we want.

When the portal opens, it also shows that season 2 will have a much more complicated mystery. Just when we thought Eric was dead, he seems to see his dead wife, Gabriella, who tells john that his journey isn’t over yet.

The conversation makes it sound like people whose souls die because of the Dry Body end up in a different world where they wander until they finish any unresolved issues on Earth.

As the globe of gods opened up and let Eric in, a key plot point for season 2 was introduced. It seems likely that Invisible City will take viewers into this otherworldly world to show them what Eric must do to get his family alive.

This is an exciting possibility, but it’s also possible that his entrance into this globe has opened a bigger doorway between the two worlds, which could make season 2’s mystery even more complicated. If Netflix renews Invisible City, audiences and fans will know that Eric’s plot will be resolved in the future.

In the series, Eric, a member of the Environmental Police, tries to find out who killed his wife after she dies in mysterious ways. At the same moment, he comes across a strange pink river dolphin that washed up on shore.

One of the best parts of the show would be when Inês says, “There’s no point in trying to forget or sleep,” as flashbacks show Eric’s life alongside his wife Gabriela as well as daughter Luna.

In the last scene, Eric has a dream about Luna getting stronger because of the monster. When Gabi did come to verify Luna, Helen hugs her, and Luna’s soul has been sucked out. Gabi becomes unconscious at that point. Eric kills himself because he has a terrible dream about Gabi’s death.

In the following scene, he and Gabi are in the water, but she tells him, “Eric, you still have a long journey ahead of you.” It’s not yet your turn. You belong to that group.” Eric is finally taken by the devil, and Camila, as well as Inês, follow.

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