Thor: Love & Thunder would have already started recording scenes with Christian Bale

Christian Bale, he changes “company” and as you know, after orphaning hundreds of extremely enthusiastic fans about his Batman – which fell into the hands of Ben Affleck, as you have seen Batman v Superman and Justice League including the version of Snyder – has been moved to Marvel, where he plays Gorr, the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. Well, now the rumor begins to spread that it is already “on the block”.

And is that according to a leak echoed by the Twitter account Strip Marvel, Bale would have already started filming, and also would have asked that instead of abusing CGI, they give him more makeup.


Christian Bale would have already started filming his scenes as the villain Gorr in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER.

Also, at Bale’s request, Gorr will have a greater load of practical effects (makeup) than CGI.

(via @StripMarvel)

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As you can see, it is curious at least because it has been almost half a year since the Movieweb medium echoed a video in which the actor was seen arriving in Australia to shoot new scenes of the UCM film, although current circumstances have forced that things do not go as planned, as is the case with almost all productions during this pandemic period.

The most recent addition is that of Rusell Crowe, another who moves from DC to Marvel after being Superman’s father on Krypton.

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