When Love Is Not Enough Netflix?

When Is Love Not Enough Netflix?

The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is back in the news, this time for a fake name and false documents. The chain restaurant, known to serve cheap breakfast foods all day long, recently seized its records by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

According to ICE’s official report, IHOP was discovered hiring undocumented immigrants through fraudulent identification papers. This happened when Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) found 155 employees or potential workers with phony documents or missing information.

The problem is that the IHOP didn’t do much about it even after they were warned about committing immigration fraud: “We warned them,” Scott Helmer from ICE said. “And they didn’t heed our warning.” Helmer also added that there are more restaurants on their radar. But which ones? How many are involved? Will this be a big scandal like the one against Chipotle last year?

When love is not enough, amazon prime:

Because we can only expect the worst, we might as well ask: How much more controversy is coming? This might turn out to be like that time Taco Bell was accused of using dog meat instead of beef.

If this affects a vast number of people and establishments, then yes, it will end up being another big scandal. The problem with these is that they usually affect millions of customers and employees without knowing about it until something gets exposed.

Even worse, a great deal of money gets lost before everyone knows what’s going on. It’s not going to be easy for IHOP to escape from this one – or any other potentially harmful situation – unscathed.

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