If you are big K-drama Fan, never miss out Love Alarm Season 2!

If you are big K-drama Fan, never miss out!

Love Alarm is one was the most expected romantic K-drama from Netflix. Love Alarm series is indeed the first K-drama that’s launched by Netflix.  It has a unique storyline based on a famous webtoon. Love Alarm has a massive fan base, and all are looking forward to this popular Webtoon series with high curiosity.

Love Alarm Season 2
Love Alarm Season 2

The plot based on a dating app allows people to know about other’s romantic interest on them when people are within the range of 10 feet. The series furthermore unfolds the feeling of Jojo who’s caught up with the romantic feeling between her best friend  Jung Ga Ram and a model Hhwang Sun- oh.

The plot of the series gets interesting when the app lets people know about the true heart in society. In the digitalized world, the characters of the series solely rely on the dating app for love. There are much more interesting twists to catch up in the Love Alarm season 2. 

 The release date of Love Alarm is 22 August 2019, and anyone with Netflix account can start relishing this unique Netflix series.

Kim SoHyun is staring the role of Sun Oh and Jung Gram as HeeYoung. Both the characterizations are striking and very interesting. The big twist in the plot comes when Jojo gets to know about SunOh’s romantic interest towards her. He’s a warm-hearted hero with a rough and cool appearance. 

On the contrary to Kim SoHyun, HeeYoung is characterized as a studious and shy person. He has one-sided feelings towards Jojo but tries to conceal his love for her. The trailer of the series is quite interesting as the Love Alarm doesn’t ring for Sun Oh when Jojo is near him. Now it’s high time to get yourself in the with famous K-drama series on Netflix.

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