Inspiring Living Room Wall Decor Ideas 

We spent a lot of time in our living room. It is the first impression on our guests when they enter. So, you have enough reasons to make it beautiful. A living room should be functional and comfortable. Mastering this idea needs proper planning and design. 

We have rounded up some inspiring decoration ideas for an ideal living room space. These are specially for modern and contemporary looking approachable, rustic designs that contain many options including custom wall posters, art prints, DIY wall art, photo prints, and many more. Our idea is to make your living room happy, positive and relaxing. Stay tuned for some mind-blowing custom wall art with extra love.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas:

Wall art pieces are a stunning way to portray your thinking. Now you might be thinking, where to start? What to display? Think about what you love to see after visiting home after a long tiring day. Now, that is what you should go with.

Sometimes, you only need vibrant images for home decor. You can create any dark and unlivable corner of home bright and beautiful with artwork that showcases your creativity. From personal images to DIY pieces we have covered all for you. Let us begin.

Metallic Frame Prints:

A metallic frame makes the image, timeless beauty. These are versatile, long-lasting, and glossy. It complements every decorating theme, color, and beautiful works for memories. It looks sleek, clean, and modern when placed near the coffee table.

Pressed Plants in Custom Frame:

Plants evoke memories and emotional connections. They can be framed with bouquet leaves or leaves from a rare plant. It will secure your D-Day moments in one frame. It needs custom framing. Pluck the leaves and branches of your favorite plants and press them down. Now custom frame it. It looks good on white walls. If you are an earth inspirer, this is the best way to conserve nature.

Custom Wall Posters:

These are modern and trendy artwork. Make your posters by customization through OMGS.IN. Colorful wall art makes the room look lively and great. It will oomph the neutral furniture since the fun colors will pop by adding some character to the room.

Acrylic Wall Decals:

Take your recent family images including family portraits or wedding images, and turn them into professional art. Acrylic wall art is timeless. For outdoor rooms, acrylic prints or 3D prints will look fab.

Marbled Artwork:

It is a DIY art where shaving cream is your paint. Mix shaving cream with watercolors and create a marble effect on the canvas. Scan this for us, and we will turn this into beautiful wall art.

Mounted Wall Art:

The mounted wall art creates pieces for an ideal living room. You can create your own space by forming a gallery of pics with unique photo frames. It doesn’t matter what photos you choose. The photos will be accentuated by your personal touch.

Personalized Frames:

Make your gallery balanced by choosing a variety of photos. Include photos from your birthday party, your honeymoon, and your wedding. Tie them to make a personalized photo tour. Give some space for text and keep it intact.

Inspirational Wall Quotes:

Motivating you is the goal. No special meaning is required. You can choose a song, movie, poem, and meaningful sentences according to your tastes. Place your photo nearby and mix-match that represents your personality.

Decorative Mirror:

Mirrors make the living room space look larger. Hang a decorative mirror above the cabinet and keep other decorating items on a shelf that complements the room. Arrange it in a way that opens up small spaces. It looks great together.

Drip Painting:

It is a DIY project. Choose several color paints to add versatility. Contrast colors make it beautiful. You can play with colors and match them with pillows, couches, or curtains.

Photo Tiles:

Stick-on photo tiles are fun to add. You can move them anywhere you like. It is the perfect way to show your special moments. Your first dinner date, the day he proposed to you, your wedding day, your memorable vacation.

Update your room with personalized wall art. Whenever somebody visits your room, show them who you are- a family man, a travel freak, a foodie, or a believer. Your space infuses energy into your living area. Gift yourself a comfy living room that feels homely.

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