Index of Money Heist Season 1, 2, & 3 (Three Seasons i.e. 5 parts & All Episodes)

Index of Money Heist Season 1,2, and 3 (Three Seasons i.e. 5 parts & All Episodes)

So Money Heist is a drama that includes so much robbery, planning, mystery, and action. Also, this series is a Spanish show called  “La Casa De Papel, “ which is created by Alex Pina.
So initially, this Spanish show came in 2017 on a network antenna. Still, later, Netflix took the show and renamed Money Heist for the audiences watching globally and internationally.
So, the most popular and famous show is divided into two seasons with its four parts in continuity, and for the fact, this show is most watched and most popular amongst everyone.

Index of Money Heist

The plotting of this series is done totally, and also, the cast members nailed the entire show, mostly the Professor and its way of planning the Heists.
The show revolves around the robberies, which were planned by the professor and then implemented by the team members. The unimaginable and also the magnificent show in the entire history of Spanish. The Professor is the one who can we call the mastermind person in this show.
Here the show is not always at its peak, and there are times when things are not in hand and out of control. Then, the situation becomes more worst and worst, but the overcome from this situation is everything.
Every episode has its own charm and gained so much popularity with its amazing storyline. So let’s know everything about this show.

Index of Money Heist Season 1: Part – 1

Of course, the first part always begins with the introduction of everyone. Also, the introduction containers the past life and the activities of the individual. The most beautiful and amazing thing about this show is every name is coded behind the names of the country and coded by, of course, the mastermind – The Professor.

So the first part is about the robbery, and the plan is to execute this robbery in the history of Spain, and the ultimate target is “Royal Mint of Spain”.

The show shows every up and down still after planning so many things, including its details, the heist went wrong somewhere in that part, they had to suffer from the situation. After violating the rules, will they be succeeded in the robbery? A heist? or they will be arrest by the police?? or they have to die?? or they are killed??

Money Heist Season one cast members:

  • Álvaro Morte as El Profesor
  • Úrsula Corberó as Tokio
  • Pedro Alonso as Berlín
  • Miguel Herrán as Río
  • Paco Tous as Moscow
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver
  • Alba Flores as Nairobi
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki
  • Roberto García Suárez as Oslo
  • Itziar Ituño as Raquel
  • Fernando Soto as Ángel
  • Mario de la Rosa as Suárez
  • Juan Fernández as Coronel Prieto
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo Román
  • María Pedraza as Alison Parker
  • Naia Guz Sanchez as Paula
  • Esther Acebo as Estocolmo
  • Kiti Manver as Marivì

So in the first part of season one, there are nine episodes, and here is the small overview of the show, which contains every detail you need.

 Episode 1: “Efectuar lo acordado” or “Do as Planned.”

Episode 2: “Imprudencias Letales” or “Lethal Negligence.”

Episode 3: “Errar Al Disparar” or “Misfire.”

Episode 4: “Caballo de Troya” as “Trojan Horse.”

Episode 5: “El día de la Marmota” or “Groundhog Day.”

Episode 6: “La cálida Guerra Fría” or “The Hot Cold War.”

Episode 7: “Refrigerada inestabilidad” or “Cool Instability.”

Episode 8: “Tú lo has buscado” or, “You Asked for It.”

Episode 9: “El Que la sigue la consigue” or “Whoever Keeps Trying It, Gets It”

Money Heist Overview: 

The Professor is planning to rob the Royal Mint of Spain with his eight members called Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, Berlin, Nairobi, and Oslo, where they are wearing red Jumpsuits and the face is covered with Salvador Dalí masks. The plan proceeds with taking 67 hostages with them for printing €2.4 billion before they leave for escaping.

The show, on another side, Raquel Murillo, who is a police inspector and in charge of this case, obeys the order and takes action accordingly bis ut unaware of the fact that the Professor is right around the corner are coming close. Yet, Raquel does not know anything about the Professor’s plan.

In the next episode, the team has started printing money with the help of those hostages by scaring them while Arturo Roman tries to escape from the building because he thinks he is fearless and can do it independently.

With his secretary Monika Gaztambide who is pregnant with his child. Berlin is catching Monika with a cell, and then he has an order to kill her. And on the other hand, Rio is making some mistakes, so the police reveal his identity, so it’s for Tokyo’s.

Berlin is believing Denver that he killed Monika for her mistake but in a way, she isn’t. Moscow, the father of Denver, blames himself for the mistake that he made to include Denver in the Heist. Raquel’s relationship becomes stronger with Salva, who is the professor, and still, she does not have any clue regarding the professor’s plan and her true identity.

Arturo is getting shot by one of the robbers. The professor is running ahead of the police to remove the evidence to avoid getting caught. Also, a car was supposed to be destroyed by Helinski.

Meanwhile, Denver is treating Monika in a very hidden place where no one else can come after her execution, which was a fake one, to follow orders given by Berlin. Then they are coming closer.

When the professor is escaping, he was seen by a man, and when the professor threatened him to keep his mouth shut in front of the police or else he will kill him. Berlin is learning about the execution, which was fake by Denver, and he ultimately decided to kill Denver.

The robbers are making plans with the help of hostages to have more time from the police. Raquel reveals the secret about Berlin’s life that he has few months to stay alive because he got some illness.

This revelation is developing some disturbance, and on the other hand, police are trying to convince Rio to surrender in front of the police so that they can help Rio with his life.

The bug was planted in the glasses Angel, and because of that, Raquel is losing trust in him. Arturo plans with the hostages to run away again, but he explores that Monika and Denver have something in between.

Angel is learning about the true identity of Salva, but he meets with an accident, and then he goes to a coma so that he couldn’t tell anyone.

16 hostages escaped because of Arturo’s plan of escaping, and on the other side, Oslo is dying because the hostages beat him up.

Whereas Angel is leaving so many voice messages on Raquel’s phone and also on her landline because he wanted to reveal the true identity of Salva. But, Raquel’s mother is hearing that message, and because of her disease, she is noting down the message to convey.

As Raquel is not answering the calls, so her mother explains everything to Salva. On hearing the truth, Salva decides that he should kill her mother but handles her situation differently after knowing that she has a disease.

Money Heist Season 1 Part 2

Here, part 2 of season one is in the continuity of part one. So in the climax of part 1, things were messed up between the police, the professor, and the whole team members because the tragedy was going on. Raquel is finding the secret location of the professor, which is The Robbers’ Villa.

Again, the team will be caught??? what is going to happen??? now, what is there in the next part??!!! Everybody is so excited about this series and the next part of it.

Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 1: “Se acabaron las máscaras” or “Masked No Longer.”

(Part 2) Episode 2: “La Cabeza del plan” or “The Head of the Plan.”

(Part 2) Episode 3: “Cuestión de eficacia” or “A Matter of Efficiency.”

(Part 2) Episode 4: “¿Qué Hemos hecho?” or “What Have We Done?”

(Part 2) Episode 5: “A contrarreloj” or “Against the Clock.”

(Part 2) Episode 6: “Bella ciao” or “Bye Beautiful.”

Money Heist Season 1 Part 2 Overview:

Police team is reaching the robber’s villa with the ex-husband of Raquel, who is a forensic expert for finding and examining the proofs which the Professor intentionally creates. He finds the evidence, which is also burned that too in the chimney, and takes it with him to the forensic lab.

For erasing the proofs taken by him, The professor is taking a lift from Alberto, and also, in the middle of nowhere, he is picking up the fight with him. Meanwhile, when Alberto is in no sense, the professor is removing the proofs from his suitcase. Finally, after getting into their senses, Salva is arrested by Alberto, but with the help of Raquel, he is getting free from it.

On the other side, the team is getting tensed. After all, they don’t know what to do because they have not heard from the professor for so long, and Tokyo is starting the mutiny. Berlin is very angry with her, so he ties her up to the table and rolls her out of the mint where the police caught her.

Rio is very angry with the behavior of Berlin. Hence, he ultimately decides to take revenge on him, and later, he is joining Arturo and plans escapism with him and Monika. Also, berlin is thinking about killing Rio.

Professor is promising that he will rescue Tokyo anyhow, and then Rio is again joining the team because he knew the professor could do this. Also, Rio tells everything about Arturo’s escape plan to the team. On the other side, Raquel is setting up a trap to catch the professor by creating a rumor that angel is no more in a coma.

So after hearing this news, Professor is hiring so many clowns to enter the hospital to confirm the rumor. However, Raquel finds out that Salva is the professor because she is meeting him in a cafe and recognizing the orange hair on his shirt, which was of the clown’s costume.

She immediately took time in custody and took him to the villa to interrogating him with questions. Where the professor is telling her that he loves her. Arturo is getting punished for the escapism plan, and Moscow tells everything about her wife to Denver, which is separating him and Denver.

Professor’s people are rescuing Tokyo, and Tokyo riding a motorcycle enters the gate of mint. She is directly riding it towards the mint while Moscow is opening the door, and on the other side, police start firing.

Moscow is hurt very badly while helping Tokyo enter the mint, so the police refuse to send a medical team to help him. The team is starting to build a tunnel for the plan of escape. On the other side, Professor is escaping the villa by the gunpoint, and Raquel being emotional cant able top him anyhow.

The police are learning about the identity of Salva and think that Raquel is helping him with the mission, and then they decide to remove her from the case. Raquel is taking angel’s batch to investigate further in the mission on her own and gather some CCTV footage from the restaurants to find out where the thing is going on. At the same time, the angel is coming out of the coma.

Police inspector Suarez is getting this case. He plans to have an attack on the mint to free hostages and to catch robbers. While the team is deciding to escape, they have printed €984 million in 128 hours, which is pretty huge. Isn’t it ???

Raquel is finding out where the professor is hidden from the footage, and when she reaches over there, the professor ties her up. Angel is calling Raquel because he wants to talk with her. The professor is telling the whole truth to Raquela, and then he was setting her free to go.

Raquel is meeting with angel and tells him that she knows where the professor is hiding but won’t inform the police team because she does not know who is actually good. The police are catching Raquel and angel and ask the angel to tell the whereabouts of the professor. The police are making her choose between the professor and her daughter, on which Raquel is revealing the details.

Berlin is helping everyone leave and fight off with the police team and get shot by them multiple times. Therefore, except for the fact berlin, everyone is getting out of the tunnel with that money. Professor is devastated by his death. Before the police team can reach the address, the professor with his team escapes the villa with the money.

Also, after a year, it is reported that they still have not watched those robbers yet, and there is not a single clue about the money and location. Raquel is leaving the job and finding the postcards sent by the professor on which coordinates are written of his location. When she finds out about the location, she reaches Palawan, Philippines, where she finds a professor and meets him.

So with this, their first heist is successful, and now everyone is with their family and their loved ones and with the money they have rob. So let’s see what happens in season 2?? are they caught by the police?? or not???

Money Heist Season 2: Part – 1 

While everyone is pleased somewhere with their loved ones, Rio is getting arrested for the robbery by the police, and of course, to rescue him, the whole team is meeting again. It plans how to save him and plans another heist to rob the bank of Spain to negotiate with the government.

So what is the plan this time, what is gonna happen now, and how will this end?? successfully happy or is this the end of this season??

Money Heist Season 2 Cast

  • Álvaro Morte as El profesor
  • Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo
  • Miguel Herrán as Río
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver
  • Alba Flores as Nairobi
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki
  • Itziar Ituño as Raquel
  • Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo
  • Mario de la Rosa as Suárez
  • Juan Fernández as Coronel Prieto
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo Román
  • María Pedraza as Alison Parker
  • Naia Guz Sanchez as Paula
  • Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra
  • Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogotá
  • Luka Peros as Marseille

So, there are eight episodes in part 1 of season one of Money Heist.

Season 2 Episode 1: “Hemos vuelto” or “We’re Back.”

Season 2 Episode 2: “Aikido”

Season 2 Episode 3: “48 metros bajo el suelo” or “48 Meters Underground.”

Season 2 Episode 4: “Boom, Boom, Ciao”

Season 2 Episode 5: “Las cajas rojas” or “The Red Boxes.”

Season 2 Episode 6: “Todo Pareció Insignificante” or “Everything Seemed Insignificant.”

Season 2 Episode 7: “Pequeñas Vacaciones” or “A Quick Vacation.”

Season 2 Episode 8: “La Deriva” or “Astray.”

Money Heist Season 2 Overview: 

So the second season is starting after two long years of the heist. Arturo is becoming a motivational speaker where he narrates the fake story of how he was brave enough to come out from that heist.

Meanwhile, Rio and Tokyo live on an island named Panama with lots of fun and lots of parties. Denver and Monika are so happy with their child in Indonesia, where Nairobi lives with Zelinski somewhere in La Pampa, Argentina.

So, here Tokyo is leaving Rio and she is going to some other place for living. But, before leaving, Rio is getting his cell which he is buying from the black market of Casablanca and thinks it was not registered.

But it was, and after three days, Rio is contacting Tokyo, where police traced his mobile phone and his location, where Rio gets arrested by this act. To rescue him, Tokyo is reaching the professor who is right now in Thailand, meeting Raquel and the professor together.

They are reuniting again for Rio because they want to rescue him also. They plan another heist to rob the bank of Spain with their three new members who are Bogota, Palermo, and Marseille.

The professor indicates the plan to rob the bank of Spain using Airships to throw the money all over Madrid. This was decided by Palermo and the professor to rob in the style of “Aikido,” and this is known as a martial artist who uses the military army to take advantage.

Similarly, they are using it for entering the bank of Spain. The public here is cheering the robbers, and they are protesting against the govt to free Rio, and they are here supporting a lot to robbers team.

When they enter the bank, a team of robbers is engaging themselves with some differences with guards and govt. Unfortunately, Palermo was the one who is in charge of this case and is getting blind temporarily during the crisis.

Denver and Bogota are picking their men amongst the hostages to open the vault where there was so much gold. Bogota is very good at diving and welding, so they opened the gate of gold, and also, access was granted.

The govt is hiring Alicia and Tamayo to negotiate with the professor. Alicia is torturing Rio, and Tamayo is planning the attack with Suarez on the bank. The robbers reveal the existence of the second vault and ask the governor to open it, but he denied it. Denver hits him, and things went out of control for a moment.

Where heliski and Palermo are in love with each other. The team of robbers is getting successful in opening the vault where they are finding Red boxes which contain secret documents of the government.

Denver reveals the red boxes in public to stop the attack from stopping the torture and the bloodbath going. But, she is managing to create crises between the professor and Raquel. Nairobi is expressing her feelings for Helsinki.

Alicia is releasing false statements to the media to blackmail the professor. Tamayo is planning with Suarez order to enter the bank of Spain. After knowing about the plan of Tamayo, the professor and Lisbon are trying to inform the team about it, where their communication is breaking because the antenna is getting destroyed by the tree.

So they took the help of the villagers to escape, and they convey the message to the team. However, the team failed the plans of the police to enter the bank of Spain. So, as a result, Sierra agrees to release Rio to rescue the hostages inside the bank of Spain.

Alicia is arranging everything for Rio to release Rio. The exchange happened very smoothly. Rio is getting shocked by the support given by the public for the robbers. The team is performing surgery on Rio’s body to check whether Rio is injected with some device or not.

After that device, Tokyo and Rio are acting normal, and the police are listening to them. The professor is telling Rio to take a vacation which is the message of code language. Rio is breaking up with Tokyo, and with the help of a drone, police find out the location of the professor and Lisbon. While escaping from the van, the professor hides with the tree, and Lisbon can do this, so she hides somewhere in the jungle.

Tokyo is insulting Rio because she is distraught and devastated. In the forest, the police are still finding the professor and Raquel. Farmer and his family are finding Raquel, and they decide to give it to the police for the money prize given by them.

Raquel is negotiating with them and offers them a lot of money compared to them. Alicia is using Nairobi’s son to weaken her strength. So Nairobi is very emotional at this point, and she comes to the window to see he son, but Alicia is giving orders to shoot her son. So Nairobi is getting shot in the chest. While helping Nairobi with medical aid, the team of police is attacking the bank of Spain.

The police are finding Raquel, and before she could escape, the professor is hearing some gunshots and thinks that the officer has shot her. The professor is so devastated that he declares to start a war while ordering Palermo. Rio and Tokyo are taking their positions to fire with their pistols. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Raquel is not dead yet, and the execution was fake because she wanted to destroy the professor and his strength.

Money Heist Season 2: Part 2

There is a total of eight episodes in part two of season two of Money Heist.

 Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 1: “Game Over”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 2: “La Boda de Berlín” or “Berlin’s Wedding.”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 3: “Lección de anatomía” or “Anatomy Lesson.”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 4: “Suspiros de España” or “Pasodoble.”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 5: “5 Minutos antes” or “5 Minutes Earlier.”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 6: “KO técnico” or “TKO.”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 7: “Tumbar la carpa” or “Strike the Tent.”

Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 8: “Plan París” or “The Paris Plan”

Money Heist Season 2: Part 2 Overview: 

The team is deciding to perform surgery on Nairobi’s chest to save her life. Bt Nairobi is pleading herself to surrender because she needs medical treatment. The professor is so devastated that he can’t believe that Raquel is dead. Professor manages to escape and also negotiate with Tamayo to save the life of Nairobi. Nairobi is convincing Tokyo to ask the professor to make her a leader of this heist.

Tokyo is successful in saving the life of Nairobi and takes out the bullet inside her chest, and then she takes charge of the heist. Unfortunately, Palermo is egoistic here, so he decides to walk out of the bank, but the team decides to stay in the heist.

Raquel is transferring to the police tents, and Tokyo informs the professor that Raquel is still alive. The professor is getting a flashback of berlin’s wedding with the wonderful one Tatiana. Alicia is asking Lisbon to co-operate or be sentenced to jail for 10 to 30 years.

Professor and marseille are breaking into Tamayo’s assistant, Antonanzas, and his house, where they offer 1 million to be their alibi. The professor is giving his watch to make Raquel know that the professor knows that se=he is alive and he will keep him safe.

Raquel’s ex-husband is finding the sim card, which was burnt and used as communication for the professor and Raquel, and through that, they are locating Raquel’s mother and her daughter. Sierra is blackmailing Raquel to speak the truth, or else she could harm her mother and daughter.

As Raquel starts to speak, she is watching antonanzas watch and understands the message and stops there. Palermo is helping Gandia in escapism so that he can gain his leadership back while Nairobi is conscious.

The team is rushing because they need to find Gandia, where he is trying to kill Nairobi with a pillow, but she attacked back, and she survives. Gandia later is trying to kill heliski, but Bogota and Nairobi are saving him.

Gandia is cutting down the wire because he wanted to enter the panic room to contact Tamayo. Antonanzas tells the professor about the escapism plan of Gandia and also the communication going with Tamayo. Professor informs Tokyo, but Gandia is attacking her instead.

Gandia is taking Tokyo to the panic room and announces that Tokyo and Palermo are the ones who helped him in escaping. Professor announces that punishment will be given to Palermo for this act.

Gandia is escaping again, and this time, he is attacking Nairobi. after hearing the gunshot, the team is going towards Nairobi, but Gandia is restraining her. Denver is throwing a grenade to kill Gandia. Meanwhile, police with their team are attacking the bank.

Palermo is informing about the murder of Nairobi to the professor, and the professor is asking Palermo to create a panic and narcotic gas in the room. Also, the professor is publishing the posters that Rio is buried alive across Madrid and releasing the footage of how The police tortured Rio.

Tamayo is canceling the attack and asks Alicia to blame her so that they don’t suffer from it. Alicia is taking the blame on her and deciding that to find out the professor’s location.

Also, she is learning the truth about Antonanzas, and in the meanwhile, benjamin and Marseille are rescuing Raquel from the police while she was transported to court.

Gandia asks for a helicopter from Tamayo to escape, but instead of him, the professor is sending the helicopter. Lisbon and the team are re-uniting while Alicia is finding out the professor, and she is holding him at gunpoint.

Index of Money Heist Season 3: Part – 1 volume 1:

The story is breathtaking with many up-downs and many unexpected secrets revealed. It is all about how a team who is locked up in the bank for over 100 hours manages to escape special force, police, and the army to steal the gold bars.

The cast of season 3:

1. Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo
2. Itziar Ituño as Raquel
3. Álvaro Morte as El profesor
4. Pedro Alonso as berlin
5. Miguel Herrán as Río
6. Jaime Lorente as Denver
7. Esther Acebo as Estocolmo
8. Enrique Arce as Arturo Román
9. Darko Peric as Helsinki
10. Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogotá
11. Luka Peros as Marseille
12. Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo
13. Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra
14. Fernando Cayo as Luis Tamayo
15. Belen Cuesta as manila

Episode List Season 3 part 1 volume 1 & 2:

Each volume consists of 5 episodes. In total 10 episodes as under.

Season 3 Episode 1: “El final del camino” or “The End of the Road”

Season 3 Episode 2: “¿Crees en la reencarnación?” or “Do You Believe in Reincarnation?”

Season 3 Episode 3: “El espectáculo de la vida” or “The Spectacle of Life”

Season 3 Episode 4: “Tu sitio en el cielo” or “Your Place in Heaven”

Season 3 Episode 5: “Vivir muchas vidas” or “Live Many Lives”

Season 3 Episode 6: “Válvulas de escape” or “Escape Valve”

Season 3 Episode 7: “Ciencia ilusionada” or “Wishful Thinking”

Season 3 Episode 8: “La teoría de la elegancia” or “The Elegance Theory”

Season 3 Episode 9: “Lo que se habla en la cama” or “Pillow Talk”

Season 3 Episode 10: “”Una tradición familiar”” or “”A Family Tradition”

Overview of Season 3 part 1 Volume 1: 

It all begins with the interrogation of the professor by Sierra. She somehow mages to find him and ties him up to manage to get the information out. All she wants to know is how the gang is planning to rob the bank. Tamaya calls upon the great German army to save the reserves of the bank. On the arrival of the army, Lisbon, Tokyo, and Stockholm negotiate with Tamayo for the gang’s surrender. After knowing the fact that Tamayo is unaware of the capture of the professor, they plan to make out some spare time to think and consult the professor. Arturo manages to grab some weapons and escape with the group while Gandia, Tokyo, and Bogota were having a fight. Offended by the intercom conversation of Arturo, Stockholm shoots him. Meanwhile, Sierra captures Marseille and Benjamin. Smart Lisbon now reveals Arturo and some hostages outside to the medical team so that she can record talks. Sierra needs the assistance of her captives to deliver a baby and hence releases both of them. Tamayo overplays Sierra out of hatred, plans to make her lose her job, and therefore declares to the media that Sierra is a traitor and has joined the team. Lisbon smarty records this and on the base of the same, the professor blackmails Tamayo and tells him to stop sending troops inside the bank. Despite the grief of shooting Arturo, the birth father of her son, Stockholm still manages to treat Helsinki and gives an idea to Denver about how to use the lift to escape the attacking team. Volume 1 of part 5 concludes shockingly when Tokyo sacrifices herself for the team.

Overview of Season 3 part 1 Volume 2: 

Volume 2 begins with Tokyo blasting the bomb and hence killing all the present in the room. To attack Tamayo Sierra escapes from the professor’s sight. However, while confronting Tamayo, Sierra gets trapped by police and now the professor helps her escape from them. While professor and Sierra collaborate with other heists, gold gets successfully stolen up through pipe that Berlin stole earlier. Unaware of the police’s raid, the team celebrates their win. However, the game is yet to complete. Sagasta on the other hand manfully convinces Lisbon that the team is dead and only 1 soldier is there needing the medical aid. Believing that, Lisbon allows the medical team into the bank. To let the special forces inside, one of the soldiers of Sagasta defuses the entrance bombs. Professor after being arrested with Sierra realizes that he is deceived with a fake police raid and the gold has been stolen. Within a few minutes of informing the gang about stolen gold bars, the special force takes over the bank. Now he suggests Berlin and his crew help Sierra find the bars. After refusing to answer about the location of gold bars, Denver gets handed over to the police and on the other side, hackers of the professor release information to the media about the robbery, crashing the stock market badly. Taking advantage of the same, the professor negotiates with Tamayo about gold and releasing the team and himself. The stock market gets stabilized after the news of gold being returned to the bank through trucks. Realizing that the gold bars are fake Tamayo gets shocked but in the name of saving the economy, he couldn’t declare the same to the media. He further lies to the media that the professor’s team is now dead and Denver has received witness protection for revealing the location. After these statements, the Spanish economy restored faith and confidence. Professor and his teams fly away to a secret location changing their identities, using the gold that Sierra managed to carry across to the border of Portugal.

The sad news is that Season 3 was the finale and as of now there are no trances of the upcoming season.





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