10 One Piece characters who are better protagonists than Luffy

Being such a long-running series, One Piece It has a huge cast of characters and is known to spend a fair amount of time on characters that don’t even come close to the Straw Hats. Monker D. Luffy is the protagonist, however, there are other characters that have enough plot weight to be the stars.

Warning! The following in The Truth News will enter spoiler territory. Luffy’s journey to become the Pirate King is an interesting adventure to watch, but there are others. 10 characters who have the potential of being even better main characters than the rubber man.

While the time in the limelight may not be that much fun, it would still be worth getting them a starring role in One Piece. Next, we share with you the list of candidates and the reason why they deserve more time on the screen of the anime or manga pages.

Jimber and his journey to be a Straw Hat

Jimbei became a major character in the series as soon as he was properly introduced in the arco de Impel Down. As one of the oldest and strongest characters in the series, Jimbei has had a past that, if explored, would make him an excellent lead.

View your travels as a member of the Pirates of the Sun with Fisher Tiger it would be exciting and seeing him become the kind of person to help Luffy in Marineford and eventually join the Straw Hats would keep anyone entertained.

Nico Robin and his time from Ohara to Arabasta

Nico Robin has one of the darkest backstories of all of Straw Hats. His people were killed and his island was destroyed by the Marines to destroy the knowledge they had, but Nico Robin was the only survivor.

One Piece fans know that she ran away after this and eventually joined Crocodile in Arabasta, but seeing her journey to get there would be the perfect time for her to be the lead. She could show fans the darker side of the world and what it takes to survive in the Eiichiro Oda series.

Gol D. Roger and the formation of the Roger Pirates

Gol D. Roger He was the first and only man hitherto known as the Pirate king. Viewers received more information about Roger and his team during the story of Kozuki Oden’s journey with him, but that is not enough.

Roger could easily be the main character in a One Piece prequel. After all, he was the one who found the treasure to begin with. Watching him start from scratch and build one of the best pirate crews ever would be an incredible story to follow.

Bartholomew Kuma and his past in One Piece

Bartholomew Kuma was a warlord and incredibly powerful before time skipped, but it was also revealed that he was a member of the Revolutionary Army. Kuma is partially robotic, even more so than Franky, but it wasn’t always that way.

The intrigue of being a double agent and the slow progression from human to robot would be great concepts to explore in a protagonist, and Kuma’s origin story would be a great place to explore those ideas with him as the main character.

Monkey D. Garp as a young sailor

It has been shown that luffy’s grandfather He is one of the most powerful fighters in the Marine Corps and has even been offered the post of admiral several times. He even fought the Rocks Pirates alone, despite the crew containing some of the most dangerous pirates of their time.

Will follow Monkey D. Garp during his youth it would be a great way to be the protagonist. This would show how he was able to achieve such strength and could even plunge into their disagreements and eventually get into a fight with his son, Monkey D. Dragon.

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Koby and his time with the marines

One Piece fans have gotten a massive dose of what it’s like to live in the world as a pirate, but what is it like for the Marines? Koby is the perfect main character to follow to show what it’s like to try to become a force for justice in a world overrun by pirates and evil.

Koby has clearly seen tremendous growth since his debut, rivaling even Luffy in how much he has changed. It would be interesting to watch how he balances his friendship with Luffy and his duties as a Marine.

Brook and his journey before dying in One Piece

Brook hasn’t shared much of his backstory with the Straw Hats, in addition to the death of his previous team and his relationship with Laboon. Fans know his team was made up entirely of musicians, but seeing his travels from Brook’s perspective would make an interesting story.

He is an interesting character who is surprisingly trustworthy, and seeing him become the pirate who would eventually join Luffy would be a story worth exploring.

Buggy after the Roger Pirates

Buggy was an interesting character as soon as it appeared in One Piece. Rather than being an exceptional villain, he became a recurring character who apparently sailed with Gol D. Roger. He fell ill when Roger went to the final island, and shortly after, the Roger Pirates disbanded.

Following Buggy’s journey to make a name for himself and lead his own team would be a fun story anyone would love to see. Buggy is the perfect main character for a view of antics from the shonen series.

Boa Hancock and her path as a warlord

Boa Hancock is one of the warlords best known in One Piece thanks to its presentation that directly involves Luffy. Her backstory was somewhat revealed during Luffy’s time on Amazon Lily, but delving deeper into his past with her as the lead would make for a great series.

Her character arc would be necessary but sad, as she has to go from a scared girl to a cold war lord to keep herself and her sisters safe from harm.

X Drake and his path as a pirate captain

X. Drake is a member of the Worst Generation and has recently returned to the center of attention during the Wano arc. At first, it appeared to be another pirate captain that Luffy would have to deal with on his journey to stop Kaido, but it was recently revealed that Drake is actually a rear admiral in the military who is used as a spy.

Double agents always create interesting stories. So seeing the One Piece anime as a show showing X Drake’s betrayal as Marine to pirate would be an interesting story. We remind you that you can read the manga on Viz Media and watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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