Taurus Mini Fan – Looking for comfort to watch anime on desktop

For some reason or another we are thousands of users who spend a good time of our day at a desk, either to do streaming, play, to illustrate, watch anime, read a manga or news, write in a blog, as is my case, or due to the Covid-19, having to work doing Home office, so it is normal that we seek to make our time and environment more comfortable when we are at the computer, that is why today I bring you a review of a gadget that I have acquired for my personal use and that I am sure it can be useful to you, I mean the Taurus brand mini fan (Mini Fan).

Currently the climate in Yucatán has been overcoming itself this season, the heat does not give us respite, this together makes the teams overheat, so I decided that it was fair and necessary to think about my laptop, and wanting to leave from the line of the chiller bases, I chose to look for an economical alternative, not only was I looking to alleviate the overheating of the equipment a bit, but also that there was a small air current near me, the answer was a Mini fan, that I could have on the desktop, of the options I found, one of the brand caught my attention Taurus, since I have had several things from this brand and they have worked satisfactorily.

Taurus mini fan - Looking for comfort to watch anime on desktop - otakus gadgets review 2021 - fan for computer and laptop

What can I tell you, there is probably not much science when it comes to reviewing a fan, its blades measure 4 Inch (10,16 cm), and the body with its base one 16 cm, both the grill and the blades are made of metal and it is connected via USB, so it works with 5v to 2.5w, you can connect it to the PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone, or a power charger, and it has a button on the back for on and off. It only has one speed and the position can be adapted from top to bottom.

The box does not specify the revolutions per minute, but personally this mini fan It delivers a pretty decent air for its size, it helps me keep the laptop cool and I got that draft on the desk, depending on the box this equipment has 2 years warranty and consume 0.792 wh / day, so the cost of keeping it on all day is minimal. In terms of weight, it barely exceeds 400 grams.

In a matter of prices…. on Amazon you find it around 170, while on Free market I’ve seen it for up to 120 pesos, more sent …

The entire product itself gives a feeling of quality and that it will not break in the first minute or with a fall, due to its size you can take it anywhere, and it can accompany you even if you are not in front of the computer.

Taurus mini fan - Looking for comfort to watch anime on desktop - otaku review - anime gadgets 2021
Taurus mini fan - Looking for comfort to watch anime on desktop - otaku review - gadgets to watch anime

To end the review of this Taurus brand mini fan (Mini Fan), I finish by saying that in my case it has been perfect to combat a little the heat of my city, ideal to keep the laptop cool and be able to spend more time writing for the blog or watching the odd anime. I also wanted to take advantage of this new acquisition and dust off the “Collectibles and Accessories” section that I usually leave quite neglected. For now I say goodbye and see you in another post.

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