I Became The Wife of The Male Lead Chapter 89 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

I Became The Wife of The Male Lead Chapter 89 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

I Became the Wife of the Male Lead, which debuted in 2021, was written by Winter Leaves. The main character discovered one day that she was actually a character from a trashy novel who had appeared in her nightmares rather than the solitary princess of the Kingdom of Anzak.

The female character were her half-sister, while the male protagonist had a reputation for being cruel and harsh. She was just a background character who died before the drama started.

The male lead was destined to die since he was used as a scapegoat just the peace agreement between the Halvenkian Empire and was purchased and sold for that purpose. In Halvenkia, Sigren is the lone remaining male single.

The protagonist, however, from 22 Anime Characters Who Would Beat Goku, has recently expressed interest in getting married. Sigren nevertheless has his first romance, kiss, then fling with the lead character.

In an effort to survive, Alexia is making an effort to alter the story. Tervion desired to have her all to himself. And Ophelia, the undiscovered heroine The original story is now taking a completely different turn.

In this love vision, Tervion and Alexia imagine themselves as the only two individuals in the world. Fiona’s body was in the grip of the ultimate villain, whose soul had been mercilessly murdered by the world’s hero.

She was mistreated by her own family merely due to the fact that she was an undocumented child. She so entered the story six years before to the beginning, at the very young age if thirteen, and was compelled to go to war.

Fortunately, despite being the story’s major enemy, Fiona was a skilled wizard. It was essential to surviving the monster onslaught. She could not, however, be currently engaged in combat.

Just as she was about to run out of air, she stumbled into the young male lead. If the male lead dies during this scenario, the world will end. So let’s try to save him first.

I Became the Wife of the Male Lead constitutes an Isekai rom-com manga that successfully combines well-known clichés with an engaging story.

Despite criticism that the plot is cliché, it has succeeded in drawing admirers from all around the world. The manga currently has thousands of devoted readers, which is a result of the characters’ realistic traits and compelling backstories.

South Korean webcomics have taken the globe by storm with their inventive stories and striking imagery.

I Became The Wife of The Male Lead Chapter 89 Release Date

On October 26, 2023, at 12 a.m. KST (Korean Standard Time), Chapter 89 of I Married the Wife of the Male Lead is anticipated to be released.

At 8.30 p.m. IST (Indian Standard Time), on October 25, 2023, fans in India will have access to the new chapter. Other nations may set their clocks to reflect their local time zones!

I Became The Wife of The Male Lead Chapter 89 Trailer

I Became The Wife of The Male Lead Chapter 89 Plot

The author of My Own Destiny, or How I Became the Male Lead’s Wife, goes by the name Nae Namja Ju Ingong-ui Anae-ga Doi Otda.

It is a fantasy-themed Korean manga. As the title suggests, movie is a romance narrative in which the female heroine is isekai-ed and takes control of her own fate.

Fiona Green, the female lead in The Emperor and the Saint, was formerly a wicked genius wizard who was meant to be destroyed by the main pair.

But as she is ready to pass away, she is given a second chance at life and is given the opportunity to write the story herself.

She had previously been mistreated by her own family merely for the reason that she was an adopted child. She was sent into war at the age of thirteen and made to put up with the monster invasion. She was suddenly taken back six years to a battlefield, nevertheless.

She was running for her life and attempting to regain her breath when she came upon the teenage male lead, Siegren.

But what was he in this place, and why is he ready to pass away? Fiona makes the decision to save him at that very moment since, if he perishes there, the entire world will also perish.

He becomes her buddy when she saves him, and because he was her enemy before, everything about her destiny is altered.

Fiona is determined to modify everything that has already happened in order to change her doomsday scenario into a joyful one because so much has already transpired.

Sigren wanted to end their relationship, but he also yearned to spend time with Fiona and relive their happy childhood memories. Even she anticipated Sigren would serve as the protagonist of the book she was writing.

Since Fiona is accepting some accountability for the universe she created, she must seem as though she is unaware of his concerns.
They both faced their emotions because the first time she sobbed for him in their early years was the exact moment he fell in love with her.

Fiona embraced him from behind, sobbing because she didn’t want their relationship to end and didn’t want to allow him go.

There was a great deal of strain in Sigren’s heart, and he recognized that it had now become a burden for him.

Fiona also acknowledges how strongly she wants a relationship near him; if he is at her side, she will take all reasonable measures to ensure his happiness and comfort. Their souls are so full of delight that nothing can keep them apart from it.

The happy conclusion of both of them together, addressing their love and caring for each other, and concluding it with a beautiful kiss brings chapter 70 of “I Became the Wife of the Male Lead” (chapter 71) to a close.

We’ll see in the following chapter how Fiona arrives to the novel’s plot and what kind of struggles or burdens he was feeling on the inside.

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