Murder Mystery 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Murder Mystery 2, the sequel to the 2019 film Murder Mystery, premiered on Netflix a few hours ago, and its fans were quick to stream the 89-minute movie as soon as possible. The sequel has already entered the top 10 charts around the globe on Netflix, which is great for a sequel being released so soon after the original film.

Fans have begun to question whether a third film is in the works after all this exciting news. It’s not an implausible thought, given how the events in the second movie appear to pave the way for a third installment. If you saw Murder Mystery 2 and have the same question, you’ve arrived at the right spot, as we’ve collated all the information we have so far regarding the third film in the series that will be available on Netflix.

Murder Mystery 3 Renewal Status

Netflix has not yet commented on whether or not a third film in the series is in the works. Based on the success of the first film in the series, Murder Mystery 3, a sequel, might be a sure bet. Over 30 million homes watched Murder Mystery in its first weekend on Netflix in June 2019, making it the service’s most successful original film debut ever. The movie got around 73 million home viewings in less than a month after its release.

Murder Mystery 2 was revealed to be in the works by October 2019, and both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston said they will be returning to their respective roles in September 2021, thanks to the success of the original film. Production on the film lasted from early 2022 until mid-2022.

If the sequel does well enough, it might make a strong argument for a third installment in the Murder Mystery franchise. The finale leaves the door open for further tales to be explored with Nick and Audrey, and given Netflix’s strong connection with Sandler, we can’t see them parting ways when they may have a super-successful comedy trilogy under their belt.

Murder Mystery 3 Release Date

The premiere date for the third edition of the Murder Mystery film franchise has not been announced as of yet. There’s no need to freak out just yet; the announcement of the sequel came four months after the original film’s release in October 2019. Production didn’t commence until January 2022, with a March 23 premiere date set for the finished product. If a third film were to be greenlit shortly (unlikely owing to the writer’s strike), we’d want to see production begin by the end of the year, with a release date in late 2024 or early 2025.

Murder Mystery 3 Cast

Despite the lack of official confirmation, we can probably assume that Jennifer Anniston, Adam Sandler, Adil Akhtar, and John Kani will all return for the third film. We may be certain, however, that there are going to be some alterations and fresh developments in the not-too-distant future.

Murder Mystery 3 Plot

The events of Murder Mystery 3 might pick up just where the second film left off, with Audrey and Nick on a stolen helicopter. The pilot of the helicopter took the money that had been given to them by the Maharajah at the conclusion of the second. He took the cash and fled, leaving Nick and Audrey to fend for themselves.

The chopper could be securely landed on the island, and they may attempt to make their way back from there. They may stumble into another mystery to unravel while attempting to leave the island, and in exchange for their assistance in identifying the culprit, they may be allowed to return home.

It makes the most sense for them to be stranded since it will force them to seek out and join a local community. Seeing them try to find their way across a strange island while simultaneously trying to investigate a murder would be entertaining.

Murder Mystery 3 Trailer

Since filming on the murder mystery’s third installment has not yet begun, there is currently no promotional video available. Unfortunately, the sequel has only just been published, so if we haven’t seen the official trailer for Murder Mystery 2 yet, here it is.


After a premiere weekend that was the second largest in Netflix comedy history, we still know very little about the world of Murder Mystery 3. You may read or watch the previous chapters if you like.

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