How to Dress and Always Be a Stylish Man

A constant worry for men when they are going out and about, is how to get dressed. Although with way fewer options and trends, men still find it hard enough to dress properly. That’s mainly because their understanding of fashion and style is rarely a priority compared to women who pay more attention to this.

If you’re struggling to look flawless when going somewhere, maybe it’s because you lack the skills to do everything right. When it comes to clothes and style, everyone needs a little help. No one was born with the knowledge of everything, but we learn stuff along the way.

In this article, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks on how always to be perfectly dressed no matter the occasion. Some events will require a little more class, while others are more casual, but in all cases, dressing like this, you’ll be good enough not to embarrass yourself. Read on and see what you need to do.

1. Always wear a nice shirt

Lose those childish t-shirts and baggy clothes, and start dressing like a man. Get yourself a dozen excellent shirts that will make you look sharp, and wear them on all occasions. You’ll want different styles and colors so that you can match them according to the occasion.

Don’t get just any shirt you find out there, but go for a classy one. For example, Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are perfect for nearly all occasions; they are durable and look staggering. Wherever you go, have a shirt on yourself. That’s how you’ll never leave a poor impression on people around you.

2. Always wear a suit

Always wear a suit, no matter the occasion. The suit represents style, and although it is a symbol of dressing formally, it fits perfectly on a man no matter the occasion. Of course, you’ll want a more casual one when you’re headed to events that do not require a particular dress code.

Business meetings, and official events with notable people, all require a particular dress code you need to follow. Still, if we’re talking about a more casual way to dress, then you’re thinking of a suit that you’ll wear on top of a shirt and jeans, or something similar.

3. Mind the shoes, they are more important than you think

The shoes are more important than you think. Why? Because everyone’s first impression about you comes from how your shoes look. Not only must you keep them spotless, but you also need to have perfectly-looking shoes that will fit your entire style.

It’s best if you wear something stylish no matter the rest of the outfit. Most men will feel the most comfortable in shoes they’ve been wearing since they were kids, but those comfortable and childish-looking sneakers are not the best to wear when you have a suit and a Polo shirt on you.

4. Wear a wristwatch, but not too many accessories

Too many accessories may make you look like Johnny Depp in The Pirate of The Caribbean, but just the right amount will make you look like you know fashion and have class. What does it mean to have class, and how many accessories are enough?

Wearing a well-chosen wristwatch is just enough to show your style. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; a perfect wristwatch will show your class. If you’re wearing an expensive one, it will speak about your wealth, and if you’re wearing a stylish one, it will speak about your style, so choose well.

5. Know how to match clothes’ colors and styles

An essential issue when it comes to dressing right is knowing how to match your clothes. You need to have the right touch and know how to match your shirt with the jeans and the shoes, for example. All those little things like the watch, the belt, and the glasses only come as an extra issue.

Before dressing, it’s wise to check some magazines or online articles and see if you’re doing it right. There are many rules to follow to look neat, but this is the only way to look perfect wherever you go.


There’s no need to worry when you need to be somewhere and you don’t know how to dress. The rules are simple: wear a shirt, a suit, and good shoes; the only issue is matching everything perfectly, which you’ll need to spend some time on and pay more attention to.

If you find the right clothes, you’ll surely find a way to do a perfect matching. If you wear some accessories too and get flawless hair, you’re bound to leave a strong impression and show everyone you have style and know how to make an appearance. Sometimes, these things are highly valuable, so go and get that perfect look.

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