Bad Boys for Life: Release date of DVD Revealed

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starrer Bad Boys for Life has now decided to give movies on DVD. Makers have decided on the date when they will release the movie on DVD. Here we are to know the release DVD date. Along with lead veteran what will be another cast, what is the actual plot of the movie, and we will not discuss the spoilers here.

Bad Boys for Life
Bad Boys for Life

Action genre movie Bad Boys For life helmed by Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah, and the movie was written by Joe Carnahan. It is an American Comedy Action Movie. Many of you know the 2003 release Bad Boys 2. Here, they come with the sequel. Yes, Bad Boys for Life is the sequel of the Bad Boys 2. In the third part, they are stick with The Bad Boys Theme.

Screen Magic happens when Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey shares screen together. Over the years they are known with their working partnership and in the past, they both have had many hits in the bucket. But for some year they didn’t work together, so they come up now with Bad Boys. Between these days lots of time has changed.

In Movie, mike is falling for a mid-life crisis. On another hand, Marcus has his duty of Police Officer. So their lives are different in parallel stages. And one day Albania comes into the picture as an unusual mercenary and then the movie will completely turn their paths. What will happen after Albania entry, you have to watch the complete movie.

Now let’s see when will Bad Boys For Life’s DVD will come in the market. As per official news, Bad Boys for Life DVD of Blu-ray will come on April 21, 2020. Sony is the distributor of the Bad Boys for Life. Also, Sony was worked with this franchise, for the previous two parts they are taken care of the DVDs also. This time they are come up with the Blu-ray 4K print of DVD. Digital Download was started on 31 March 2020.

The question is, Theatre release was done then what is the requirement of the DVD release? Sony has added 50 minutes of additional parts that are not seen in the theatre release of Bad Boys for Life. So here you will get the complete movie. Trailer is launched, many of you have seen it, and some of you are done with the Movie also, but for your unclear doubt regarding the movie, purchase DVD on 21, April.

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