7 Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Games to Try This Fall

Crypto games are rising in popularity quickly. The fact that a user can make money just by playing blockchain-based crypto games means that this is not at all surprising. This buzz, which dates back to 2021, is still relevant today. The potential to make hundreds of dollars a day playing games is still a hot topic in the media. No matter how unbelievable that may seem to a diligent manufacturing worker, it is true. The gamer can simply earn tokens for accomplishing tasks and investing time in the game, which can later be invested in or changed into real money. We’ve compiled this article’s list of the best fall picks for you.

What is the role of NFT in crypto games?

NFT can take the form of a character, weapon, look, game element, cards, etc. in video games. You can receive bonuses from them throughout the game, which makes you cooler, stronger, and more effective. Or it can only be a visual impact that makes you stand out from the other players but doesn’t grant you any gaming bonuses. Here are our picks for the best 10 cryptocurrency games of 2022.

GameFi: StepN

According to buidlbee.com in this Move-To-Earn platform, the NFTs involved are pairs of running shoes. The Solana blockchain, tokens, and cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment methods with a high minimum price. Due to its high price tag of roughly 14 soles, this game used to be prohibitively expensive. Players should be capable of unlocking a variety of pairs of shoes in order to earn additional money and rewards.


A lot of casual players may be drawn to the gameplay of the upcoming NFT game Tamadoge. The Tamagotchi game mechanics and the Doge meme were blended by the team. The Tamadoge puppy, an NFT token, serves as the game’s main character. With the use of NFT technology from TAMA, each pet is given a unique set of randomly assigned personal traits, making them all unique. They are always available for purchase, sale, and trade with other gamers. The game also features a unique shop called Tamadoge NFT Petstore where you can buy additional pets as well as food, accessories, and toys. The TAMA token is used for all transactions, and there is no transaction fee.

Axie Infinity

Any other game in this genre today definitely doesn’t have a fan base as huge as Axie Infinity. Fascinatingly, the majority of the fanbase resides in Asian nations. Breeding NFT creatures named Axie is the core objective of the game. Since each of them has a distinct genetic makeup, they are all distinctive in different ways. However, just like in real life, certain favorable and unfavorable traits are passed down to offspring through mating. The animals that are produced can be sold right away on the domestic market. An animal is regarded as being more uncommon the more distinctive features it possesses. Therefore, the price is higher.

Benji Bananas

The objective of this game is to avoid obstacles and swing on vines for as long as you can while remaining above the ground. Despite having Blockchain features now, the game was initially free. However, the award will be given in primate currency and is convertible to ape.


Another ETH-based game project is called Sorare, which has a football theme. Special teams must be formed by players, and they must amass tradeable or exchangeable collectible cards. The blockchain will contain a record of each transaction. According to the player’s progress, number of victories, and successfully completed game quests, rewards are given. Awards are given based on more than just goals. In the game, you can get recommendations. The gamer gets bonuses in addition to winning over newcomers. But also for what they were doing.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the perfect collectible card game for you if you enjoy such games. The cards in Gods Unchained are comparable to the cards in Ethereum Magic: The Gathering, another blockchain game. Hearthstone and this game are also comparable. PvP battles are how players get in-game items. The Flux resource, which can be used to create special digital collectibles and NFT cards that rapidly increase in value, is provided to successful players. Since this game is the first blockchain esports game, it can draw crowds for large tournaments and matches of cryptocurrency players. The concept is built on a “play to earn” business strategy that compensates devoted gamers for their in-game time.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a sandbox that in many ways resembles minecraft, or roblox, but works on the blockchain. The game combines the ideas of the metaverse, NFT and GameFi. At SAND, you have the opportunity to build your own world and then sell your creations on the marketplace. However, it is important to consider here that SAND is already a successful and popular project, and therefore land is expensive here, just like in Decentraland. The economy is built around the SAND cryptocurrency. This is an ERC-20 token. It allows you to buy objects, as well as land, resources and jewelry.

Summing up

Gamers, NFT lovers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all around the world can earn rewards in the digital world by playing NFT games. Enjoy the experience itself as well! Consequently, if you enjoy playing video games, you ought to try NFT games as well.

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